Media and film studies

Journalism, Politics and Society

Module code: P5061
Level 6
30 credits in autumn semester
Teaching method: Lecture, Seminar, Workshop, Tutorial *
Assessment modes: Coursework

You will explore key aspects of journalism theory and practice relating to its role in politics and society. You’ll analyse the complex interactions between the news media, political actors, professional political communicators, audiences and collective movements in the public sphere.

You will look at the shifts enabled by digital technology in the dynamics of these interactions, but also at continuities within change.

The module combines critical analysis of these issues with a practical component that allows you to produce and reflect on your own media content.

Module learning outcomes

  • Evaluate and systematically critique theories and practices regarding the role of journalism in politics and society.
  • Analyse and assess the performance of the news media and the key actors in political events.
  • Research and produce accurate and engaging media content.
  • Critically reflect on their own practice and situate the reflection at the intersection of practice and theory.