Inclusion, Diversity and Equity in Education

Module code: X4300E
Level 5
15 credits in autumn semester
Teaching method: Seminar
Assessment modes: Coursework

This module is a 15 credit undergraduate module to be offered to Year 2 students in term 1, as part of an Education 60 credit Pathway. This module provides an opportunity to explore what is meant by inclusion and exclusion and the implications of these concepts for education policies, systems and practices in England and internationally.

The module will include an in-depth focus on how constructions of gender, race, social class, poverty, disability sexuality and behavioural norms contribute to the inclusion and/or exclusion of particular groups of young people. Each session will adopt a case study approach and provide an overview of the key issues involved in ensuring equality of access, provision and learning. There will be a strong focus on the evidence relating to each case and approaches at practice level.

The module will be assessed by a case study, providing an opportunity for you to apply your understanding of issues relating to the inclusion and/or exclusion to a group and context which they consider to be of particular interest. The case study will include a discussion of strategies used to promote inclusion and evidence of their effectiveness drawn from a range of secondary sources and conclude with recommendations for policy and practice drawn from the evidence presented.

Module learning outcomes

  • Explain what is meant by inclusion and exclusion and how these concepts relate to education polices, systems and practices
  • Draw on an appropriate range of sources to illustrate approaches to the inclusion and/or exclusion of specific groups in specific contexts
  • Critically reflect on the success of approaches used to support the inclusion of educationally excluded groups
  • Draw reasoned conclusions about how education policies, systems and practices might be developed to promote inclusion for all