Teaching and student experience

We provide high-quality teaching across all areas of psychology in a supportive and inclusive environment. Our faculty have been recognised for their outstanding teaching.

Your student experience

We want you to make the most of your time at the School of Psychology, that's why:

  • your Academic Advisor will support your academic progression and offer guidance throughout your study.
  • our mentors are current Psychology students who have been trained to help you with academic-related queries. Thanks to their own experience, they can advise you on how to overcome some of the challenges you might face.
  • in addition to the University's student support services, we have a dedicated team of professional staff who work to make your experience as beneficial and enjoyable as possible.
  • we have elected Student Reps in each course and year group as well as a Green Rep and an International Rep, so you have a voice in the issues that matter to you.
  • we'll help you prepare for your future with career support advice and professional placements

Explore our teaching

With a team of 70+ academics, we're one of the largest centres for the study of psychology. All our faculty are involved in teaching, but 25% of them focus exclusively on education and scholarship. A key responsibility of their role is to enhance teaching approaches to make our courses engaging and accessible. The other 75% divide their time between teaching and research in a wide variety of areas. This structure enables us to provide a diverse research-led education using innovative pedagogical methods.

We also have known specialists in statistics. We're committed to training high levels of statistical and methodological literacy at all levels. We teach our students R programming from undergrad level onwards to provide them with a practical understanding of statistics and data analysis and equip them with employable skills.

Explore the different areas of psychology we teach in the School and meet the people who teach in your course:

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