Research methods

Our Psychological Methods teaching team, led by internationally known textbook author and educator Andy Field, is at the cutting edge of research methods and statistics education. On our methods modules, you'll be taught statistics and psychological methods within the framework of open science and reproducibility. We teach cutting edge topics rarely taught elsewhere (e.g. robust methods) and we're one of only a handful of institutions in the UK that teach the open-source statistics package R and RStudio.

R is the most widely used data analysis software and is at the core of the drive towards reproducible and open psychological science. By learning R you'll be gaining a variety of transferrable skills that you can take into a wide range of careers (Google and the BBC use R to analyse data!). Read Andy's reasons to love R.

You'll learn how to collect and analyse data to answer scientific questions, how to wrangle and visualise data, how to apply statistical models to answer important real-life questions. You'll also learn the value of puppy therapy, how to evade alien invasions and what makes songs, how to become a Pokemon master by finding the most powerful Pocket Monsters (tm), and learn, once and for all, how to make a perfect cup of tea.

You'll be taught by a team that are unrivalled in their passion and devotion to making learning fun and engaging. Members of the team are regularly nominated and win Sussex education awards, publish academic articles on Psychological Methods, and include the author of some of the most widely-used and award-winning statistic textbooks in the world: Discovering Statistics Using IBM SPSS Statistics, Discovering Statistics Using R and the only statistics book to combine a graphic novel, a novel and statistics An adventure in statistics.

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