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Re-shaping our understanding of political violence and conflict

Clionadh Raleigh, Professor of Political Geography and Conflict at the University of Sussex, has spent the past eight years collecting data related to violent incidents in order to re-shape the way we understand political violence and conflict.

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Speaking the language of integration

Dr Linda Morrice’s research reveals the diverse language and educational needs of refugees in the UK, thereby helping to improve the outlook for migrants on both a national and local level.

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Podcast: Rob Byrne on adopting new innovations and technology in sustainable energy projects

Rob Byrne is a Senior Lecturer at the Science Policy Research Unit at the University of Sussex. He is also a co-convener for the Energy and Climate Change Domain of the STEPS Centre (a research initiative between SPRU and the Institute for Development Studies).

Working for a number of years in Botswana and Tanzania on various sustainable energy projects, Rob’s background was particularly instrumental in providing real life context for the study of innovation, energy and climate policy. In this podcast, Rob talks about just how complex the process of adopting new innovations and technology can be.

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Forecasting for drought in Kenya

A collaboration between Sussex researchers, Kenyan national agencies and non-governmental organisations aims to improve drought predictions through the use of machine learning techniques to analyse satellite-based Earth observations.

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Why migration deterrents don’t work: Higher walls just means longer ladders, says Professor Mike Collyer at the Sussex Centre for Migration Research.



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