Training in quantum technologies

Explore cutting-edge training and development in quantum technologies, ranging from short courses tailored for your company or industry to research degrees for future pioneers.

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We offer one of the largest and most diverse training programmes in the field of quantum technologies in the world.

We’re running a four-year doctoral training programme, the first undergraduate degree in the world where you can start doing research in quantum technologies from day one, and we are the first university in the UK to offer an online quantum technology Master’s degree – so you can study quantum technlogies wherever you are.

  • Video transcript

    Transcript starts.

    [Black and white footage of Professor Winfried Hensinger speaking to camera]

    Professor Winfried Hensinger, Professor of Quantum Technologies, University of Sussex: When people tell me something can’t be done, I just love to try.

    [Title card: Sussex Centre for Quantum Technologies]

    Quantum physics is the theory that governs everything around us, every process in nature.

    [An equation being written on a whiteboard]

    [Professor Winfried Hensinger shows a student specialist lab equipment.]

    Quantum computers will enable us to investigate the fabric of reality to create a better future.

    [Professor Hensinger shows his interpretation of the fabric of reality]

    [Professor Hensinger in a filming studio]

    [Professor Hensinger appearing on various news broadcast segments]

    I’ve spent 20 years working with colleagues to understand and develop the science.

    [Quantum technology photographs being placed on a display board]

    Now we’re building a full scale quantum computer that will be able to find the answers to the most urgent technical challenges of our time.

    [Video montage of medicine and an aeroplane taking off]

    From designing drugs for health care to making aircraft engines more fuel efficient.

    [Professor Hensinger showing a student specialist equipment]

    University of Sussex has become a powerhouse for quantum technology. We have launched the world’s first Quantum Technology undergraduate degree where students carry out research from day one and we have the vital links with industry to make amazing things happen.

    [Video montage of quantum technology photographs being placed on a display board and photos of students in the lab]

    Transcript ends.