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Sussex study enables predicting computational power of early quantum computers

24 August 2020

University of Sussex quantum physicists have developed an algorithm which helps early quantum computers to perform calculations most efficiently...

SPQR and CDO2 win Faraday Industrial Fellowship to develop quantum sensors for electric vehicle batteries

6 August 2020

The Sussex Programme for Quantum Research (SPQR) has teamed up with commercial partner CD02 and have won a prestigious Faraday Industry Fellowship.

Sussex Programme for Quantum Research labs open after months of lockdown

29 June 2020

Following lockdown, research groups in the Sussex Programme for Quantum Research are back in their labs again and have shared a video showing us how.

Major investors back disruptive new player in quantum computing race

15 June 2020

Professor Winfried Hensinger and Dr Sebastian Weidt launch their new quantum computing company 'Universal Quantum' with backing from major investors.

The Bose-Einstein condensate turns 25 ... and the race is on to make the first commercial device

5 June 2020

The Sussex Programme for Quantum Research has released a video to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the first established Bose-Einstein condensate.