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Major investors back disruptive new player in quantum computing race

15 June 2020

Professor Winfried Hensinger and Dr Sebastian Weidt launch their new quantum computing company 'Universal Quantum' with backing from major investors.

The Bose-Einstein condensate turns 25 ... and the race is on to make the first commercial device

5 June 2020

The Sussex Programme for Quantum Research has released a video to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the first established Bose-Einstein condensate.

Researcher in experimental photonics awarded prestigious fellowship

28 May 2020

Helena Normanton Fellow Juan Sebastian Totero Gongora has been awarded a Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowship with the project “Route to AI...

Quantum physicists share their home working spaces in new video

30 April 2020

Quantum physicists at the University of Sussex are responding to a new way of working during lockdown without normal access to their labs.

Sussex researchers combine lasers, computers & THz waves to build camera that sees ‘unseen’ details

18 February 2020

Sussex physicists develop first nonlinear camera capable of capturing high-res images of inside solid objects using terahertz (THz) radiation.