Doctoral and Industry Training Academy

Our academy offers a rigorous PhD doctoral training centre pathway, training future pioneers in the realisation of the next generation of quantum technologies.

People in the clean room

The Academy

Beyond training doctoral students, we recognise the importance of developing much wider training pathways for the emerging quantum technology sector. This includes a Masters level qualification in quantum technologies as well as bespoke industry short courses that can be tailored to individual needs.

The key aim of the academy is to train the next generation of quantum engineers. Rather than offering traditional physics training, we cater for the needs of the emerging quantum technology sector.

We host the pioneering Quantum Technology MSc. We offer training allowing you to work on emerging quantum technologies such as quantum computing, quantum simulation, quantum imaging, quantum clocks and quantum networks. You will be able to learn relevant engineering skills as well as the development of relevant subsystems.

Beyond allowing you to take modules in relevant skills to work on quantum technologies, we also offer training in entrepreneurship in collaboration with the University of Sussex Business School.

The SCQT Doctoral and Industry Training Academy includes exposure to seven research groups with a vast range of unique facilities such as specialised lasers, clean room and microchip production, Terahertz imaging, ultrafast science including high energy lasers, quantum integrated photonics including microcombs, vacuum technologies, state of the art sensors, and electronics subsystem production facilities. Having a critical mass of a wide range of quantum technology groups allows for training that can be tailored to meet particular needs.

Our training

Training is focused on harnessing quantum theory to develop and commercialise disruptive quantum technologies. Our aim is to translate the mysteries of quantum physics into cutting-edge technologies. By collaborating with industry and other leading UK universities as part of the UK National Quantum Technology Programme, we have the capacity to build real world devices. From super-fast computers to quantum simulation engines, our research has the potential to change lives by creating new materials and medicines.

Our research groups are involved in the UK’s National Quantum Technology Programme and we are part of the Quantum Computing and Simulation Hub (QCS), and the UK National Quantum Technology Hub in Sensing and Timing.

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