What we do

We're bringing together research areas and groups across multiple disciplines.

The Sussex Programme for Quantum Research (SPQR) supports collaborations to develop breakthrough technologies. Using the principles of atomic and quantum physics as a tool in and outside of the lab, we’re bringing together research areas and centres within the University of Sussex, as well as external industry partners across multiple disciplines.

Our research will create jobs, support the tech economy, change our fundamental understanding of the world, but most importantly will have societal benefits including the development of efficient and reliable electric vehicle batteries, medical advancements, improvement to navigation and a sustainable future.

What we can do for you

  • Assistance with research funding
  • Raise awareness and build collaborative partnerships across the university and beyond
  • Workshops on topics such as quantum sensing in biology, batteries, nanomaterials and commercialisation
  • Sandpit events
  • Interdisciplinary studentships
  • Professional services team support with business development, operations and communications
  • Membership to our industrial affiliates programme Sussex Quantum Partners
  • And more…