Quantum physicists share their home working spaces in new video

Quantum phycisist Matt Withers working from home

Quantum physics teams in the Sussex Programme for Quantum Research are missing their labs during the Covid-19 lockdown. Experimental quantum physics doesn’t usually happen from home, but dedicated researchers from the University of Sussex’s Quantum Systems and Devices lab are determined to keep their research going and have found innovative ways of doing so.

They are accessing their experiments in the lab remotely, deliveries of equipment have been diverted, and some of the team have set up experiments in their living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms.

To share this new way of working, they have created a video inviting us into their working spaces at home.

Professor Peter Krüger, Director of the Sussex Programme for Quantum Research, said: “The team have been incredible. As soon as we could see what was about to come, they quickly adapted and found ways to connect to everything they needed from home to keep the research going during lockdown. It doesn’t come without its difficulties but the team has really stood up to the challenge.”

Dr Reuben Puddy, research fellow in the group, remarked that he doesn’t miss the commute and said: “I’m enjoying the online meetings to feel connected to the group.”

Rob Shah, PhD researcher, added cheerfully: “I’m stuck at home, there’s no football, but I can still work!”

Watch the video.

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By: Rebecca Bond
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Last updated: Thursday, 30 April 2020