Visiting research fellowships

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The Centre for Advanced International Theory hosts Visiting Fellows who seek a hospitable environment for theoretical research in international relations. CAIT offers a unique intellectual environment for Fellows, giving them the time, space and collegial support, to reflect on the theoretical foundations of their work.

In addition to CAIT, both the Department of International Relations and more broadly, the School of Global Studies, offer Fellows a dynamic, engaged and consciously interdisciplinary environment in which to conduct their research.

Fellows can stay up to two semesters. CAIT does not offer Fellows a stipend but does provide office space, as well as use of the library and email. They will also have access to a wide range of disciplinary as well as interdisciplinary Departmental, School, and University wide research activities.

During their stay, Fellows are expected to fully participate in the activities of CAIT and to give one lecture on their current research in the Departmental Research seminar. They will be encouraged to integrate into and engage with, the life of the Centre, Department and School. For detailed information on the Visiting Researcher scheme, please see: Visiting Research Fellows.

For applications and further information on Visiting Fellowships, please contact