Robert Smith

Nonlinear structure formation and massive neutrinos

Solar neutrino oscillation experiments have informed us that Neutrinos have mass, but they are not able to inform us about the absolute mass scale of each species. We also know that massive neutrinos create an imprint in the pattern of cosmic structures. Cosmology, therefore, can tell us about the total sum of all the neutrino masses and can in principle establish the neutrino hierarchy (m1<m2<m3 or m3<m1<m2). In this project we will look at how well neutrino masses can be constrained from the combination of large-scale structure and weak lensing data such as may be obtainable from the 4MOST survey - an upcoming wide field, multifibre-fed spectroscopic survey that Sussex has membership of. We will use state of the art numerical simulations to study the phenomenology and build accurate models for use with such observations. We will also look at the constraints that can be placed on the nature of dark matter from such survey data.

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