Borrowing information

Please note: the maximum loans a person can have at once is 35.

Loan TypeLength of loanFines Charged for late returnRenewals
Short loan 7 days If items are reserved and not returned, 50p per day up to £20 maximum unlimited unless reserved by another user
Audiovisual 7 days If items are reserved and not returned, 50p per day up to £20 maximum
Documents 6 wks* If items are reserved and not returned, 50p per day up to £20 maximum
Long loan 6 wks* If items are reserved and not returned, 50p per day up to £20 maximum
Interlibrary Loans**

3-4 wks (depending on loan policy of lending library)

50p per item per day additional charge sometimes applies (more info)
Laptop Loans 6 hrs £3 initial fee then £3 per day  Renewals not possible

* If someone places a reservation on the Long Loan or Document you have borrowed it will reduce your loan period to one week; we will send you an email letting you know. If short loan or other items are reserved then it will not be possible to renew them. Don't forget that items may be reserved and recalled over the vacations too. Make sure you check your university email regularly to avoid missing any notices.

** There is an individual limit of 50 interlibrary requests each academic year for postgraduates and faculty. For undergraduates the limit is 20 per year and for Associate membership, the annual limit is 5.

Borrowing and returning loans

To borrow or return items, use the self service units on the Ground floor.

When returning items, don’t forget to put them through one at a time and check your receipt. When the Library is closed you can use the overnight book drop, at the north end of the building, next to the wheelchair-accessible door.

If you wish to return items by post please use the address below. Please send items by recorded delivery as proof of posting will not be accepted as proof of delivery (you may be invoiced for replacements if the items are lost in the post).

Frontline Services
University of Sussex

The Library sends an activity summary email once a month indicating your outstanding loans and fines.


If all the copies of an item you require are on loan you may place a request by signing in to Library search and clicking the 'request' button on the library catalogue page. When a copy is returned we will send you an email and place the item on the Request shelf for you. Requested items are filed in shelfmark order together with a four digit pin code that matches the last four digits of your person code. The email you receive will tell you how to collect your item.

Requested items are located on the shelf on the rear wall of the group study area behind the information hub.


The Library system extends your loans for you unless they have been recalled. You do not need to renew them. This does not apply if your item has been recalled by another borrower. If your book has been recalled you need to return it as soon as possible to avoid any fines you may accrue for late return.

Overdue loans

Be aware that if items are 28 days overdue, an invoice will be raised for the replacement cost.

We understand that sometimes you may not be able to return items or pay fees due to personal circumstances. Please read the Library support service pages for advice.

Collections from the Store

Stored items are mostly available via the Library Search request feature. Please allow 24hrs for them to be made available to you either at the Information Hub or on the requests hold shelf. You will receive an email when your item is ready for collection that will explain where to pick it up from. If there is no option online to request the stored item you require please contact the Information Hub and fill in a store request card. Collections by this method are made twice a day on weekdays only. 

For collection at 4pm, please submit your request by 3pm.