Suggest a book

You have access to over 750,000 print and ebooks but we know that we won't always have the book that you need for your teaching or for your research. There are a number of ways that we can get hold of books and other materials for you. If you need a book for your own research, an Interlibrary Request is likely to be the quickest method. Please see the 'Access books for your own research' section below. Academic staff may also make purchase suggestions. We consider all suggestions carefully, as each School has a fixed book budget allocation. Please use the 'Suggest a book' section below.

Access books for your own research

You can use our Interlibrary Requests service to obtain books and other materials not held in the Library. This will usually be the quickest way for you to gain access to materials. If you have requested a book, we will offer access to an ebook where available. 

Request materials for teaching

The University uses an online Reading List system that is fully integrated with the Library Management System. It is an important teaching tool and a way to ensure the availability of resources in the library.

Our Online Readings Lists team offer dedicated 1-2-1 training, showing you how to take full control of your Online Reading List so that you can populate/edit/update it with minimum time and effort. Please get in touch with your availability and we will be happy to schedule this for you.

If your book request is for Online Reading List material, please contact and we can ensure that you are set up correctly to edit your Online Reading List.

Once you have submitted your Online Reading List, we consider the estimated number of students and will purchase multiple copies as appropriate. Full details and step-by-step instructions are available in our online guide.


  • Suggest a book for the Library collection

    If your request is urgent, please use our Interlibrary request service: If your book request is for reading list material, please contact

  • Alternative formats

    Students who are unable to use print may also request purchases of specific texts in alternative formats. If students require access to alternative formats please advise them to contact to discuss their needs. It may not always be possible to purchase items in other formats.

  • Inspection copies

    The Library is not able to arrange for inspection copies on behalf of Academic staff. Online inspection copies can be requested through Kortext for a range of publishers. Online Access is limited to two months.

    Many publishers are happy to provide inspection copies for materials under consideration, although limits and retrictions may apply. For further information, visit the publisher's website directly. 



    Availability/ restrictions


    5 titles per year per academic. Available only to academics teaching courses with 12 or more students. Feedback must be submitted within 60 days of item receipt to retain print copies free of charge. Electronic copies are available for 90 days only.

    Cambridge University Press

    6 titles per year per academic. Hardback only provided where paperback is not available. 

    Harvard University Press

    3 titles per year per academic. Paperback and online copies only. Requests for physical copies must be made in writing, using a departmental letterhead. Physical copies must be returned after 30 days.

    Oxford University Press

    5 titles per year per academic. Paperback only. 

    Palgrave Macmillan



    Restrictions unknown


    Available only to lecturers teaching courses with over 12 students.


    Availability and limits at publisher discretion. Title must be priced at £80 or under. Feedback must be provided.


    15 titles per year per academic. Only 3 titles can be considered at any one time. Available only to academics teaching courses with 10 or more students. Feedback must be submitted within 30 days of item receipt. Paperback and online copies only.


    Unlimited online copies. Registration to Springer is required. Print copies will only be provided if an online copy is unavailable. Access to each online title will cease after 30 days.

    Stanford University Press

    Online copies will be provided free of charge. Access to each title will cease after 60 days. Physical copies will incur a processing charge.

    Taylor and Francis



    3 titles per year per academic. Copies must be returned within 28 days. If the title is not adopted, the copy will be charged for. 


    Restrictions unknown