Sussex Research Online

About the service

Sussex Research Online (SRO) is the institutional repository of the University of Sussex, hosted on the Figshare platform. The repository contains a variety of research publications including articles, conference proceedings, theses, working papers and some research monographs. Full text content is provided for research publications in the repository wherever possible. SRO is a key part of the University’s research strategy, helping to make Sussex research Open Access and available to the global research community.

SRO and Elements

Elements is the University's research information system and provides the main user interface; SRO is integrated with Elements and runs in the background.

New publications must be created or claimed in Elements and deposited to SRO. Training guides and information are available here.

In June 2023 the software that underpins SRO was replaced with Figshare. There has been no change to how publications are claimed, created and deposited to SRO using Elements. 

Searching for Sussex research

Much of the research held in SRO is Open Access and free for anyone to use. Users can use the Browse search options on Figshare and refine by filters. More detailed information on searching for publications using Figshare will be added to this page shortly. 


SRO Policy October 2017 [DOCX 20.22KB]


If you would like to request the removal of any items from SRO please refer to our Sussex Research Online take-down policy: Sussex Research Online Takedown Policy [DOCX 19.62KB]


If you have an enquiry about a publication held in SRO email us at