Centre for Global Health Policy


Stefan Elbe
Anne Roemer-Mahler
Eva Hilberg
David Brenner
Dagmar Rychnovská
Christopher Long

The pandemic of COVD-19 has been widely seen as a major test for the growing field of global health governance.

Yet the pandemic has also raised profound questions about the state of the global health governance architecture that has been built over the past two decades – with a resurgence of state-based national interests, the rise of vaccine nationalism, and growing great power competition in the field of global health. Members of the Centre have undertaken extensive efforts to probe the emerging implications of COVID-19 for:

Global Health Governance:

Global Sequence Data Sharing:

Vaccine Equity, Virus Sharing and Viral Sovereignty:

Emergency Operations Centres (EOCs):

  • Elbe, Stefan. 'Infrastructural Relations: Emergency Operations Centres, Site Ontology and Prefigurative Power' (under review).