Centre for Global Health Policy

About the centre

Read more about the themes of our research, vision, aims and ethos below.


The Centre’s vision is a world in which people around the world can enjoy long, healthy lives irrespective of where they live, and in which all those in need have ready access to effective, affordable, and compassionate healthcare. It is a vision based around the social values of justice, dignity, and respect for human life.

The Centre for Global Health Policy understands ‘global health’ in a broad and enabling way, revolving around three key pillars:

  1. Improving the health of populations and helping people around the world to live longer, healthier lives.
  2. Working towards greater social justice by reducing the significant health inequalities that exist in the world between – and also within – countries.
  3. Taking an international approach to health as something crucial to all peoples of the world, and requiring solutions particularly sensitive to the transnational determinants and consequences of disease.


The principal aims of this Centre for Global Health Policy are:

  1. To promote global health by attracting external funding for rigorous, innovative and cross-disciplinary research that will benefit national and international policy communities in global health  
  2. To advance the university’s core academic mission by consolidating, supporting and growing a network of global health.
  3. To disseminate and showcase Sussex research in global health to local, national, and international audiences by sponsoring (and participating in) networking events which allow researchers, policy-makers, activists and students of global health to exchange their knowledge, ideas, passion and experiences about global health.

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Director of CGHP: Prof Stefan Elbe

Deputy Director of CGHP: Dr Anne Roemer-Mahler