Centre for Global Health Policy


Recent and Upcoming CGHP Events


Next CGHP Research Café - 24 November 2023, 10-12.

Leverhulme Workshop - Christopher Long - 'Global Health and the Confluence of Science, Technology and Security: COVID-19 and Beyond', 10-11 May 2023



17th CGHP Research Cafe -  Anne-Sophie Jung (Leeds): ‘Global Governance and the Microbe: Antimicrobial Resistance, Complexity & Turbulence’, 4 October 2023, 12-2 pm.

16th CGHP Research Café - 28 June 2023, 12-2 pm.

15th CGHP Research Cafe -  Renu Singh, 'Perceptions of Public Health Experts', 5 May 2023

14th CGHP Research Cafe - Christian Haddad & Eva Hilberg, 2 February 2023

13th CGHP Research Cafe - Benjamin Hunter: 'The Moral Making of the New 'Global' NHS' & Stefan Elbe, 'Onomastic Power & Pandemic Politics', 13 December 2022

12th CGHP Research Cafe - 2 November 2022

11th CGHP Research Cafe -  Anne Roemer-Mahler and Dagmar Vorlíček, 'Science and information disorder', 28 September 2022

10th CGHP Research Cafe - Annual Review of CGHP, 4 May 2022

9th CGHP Research Cafe - Research Grant Proposals, 23 March 2022

8th CGHP Research Cafe - Laura Jung, 'Madness in the Metropole - Colonial Psychiatry in Britain, 1860-1914', 10 February, 2022

7th CGHP Research Cafe - Anne Roemer-Mahler, 'Legitimising global health organisations: the case of the Africa CDC', 26 January 2022

6th CGHP Research Café - Benjamin Hunter, 'Convergence at the end of aid: the rise of global health's investor states', 23 November 2021

5th CGHP Research Café - Dagmar Rychnovská, ‘The infrastructural politics of biosecurity’, 23 September 2021.

4th CGHP Research Café - David Brenner, ‘Rebels, Vigilantes, and Mavericks: The Architectural Inversion of Global Health Governance’, 6 July 2021.

3rd CGHP Research Café - Stefan Elbe, ‘Who Owns a Deadly Virus? Viral Sovereignty, Global Health Emergencies and the Matrix of the International ‘, 29 April 2021.

2nd CGHP Research Café - Benjamin Hunter, ‘Seeing beyond the state: regulation of private healthcare in Maharashtra’, 24 February 2021.

Inaugural CGHP Research Café - Anne Roemer-Mahler: ‘COVID19 as a lens into the past and future of global health governance’, 4 November 2020.