Centre for Higher Education and Equity Research (CHEER)

News Archive: 2020/21

June 2021

  • Louise Morley started work as a member of the Advisory Board of new European research project: UniSAFE. UniSAFE is an EU-funded project that aims to produce better knowledge on gender-based violence and sexual harassment (GBV) in research performing organisations (RPOs), and to translate this knowledge into operational tools for higher education, research organisations and policymakers.

  • CHEER is delighted to welcome Professor Mary Stuart as a Visiting Professor. Professor Stuart is Vice -Chancellor of the University of Lincoln, and former PVC at Sussex. She has a strong track record in all aspects of university leadership, having worked in senior roles in three different universities.   Passionate about the student experience, Mary seeks to continually drive change and improvements in partnership with students, alumni and the academic community promoting the traditional concept of a community of scholars.  
    Mary is a regular contributor to WonkHE and speaks regularly on conference platforms about issues of equity, leadership and higher education.  She is also a member of the Advisory panel for HEPI.  
    We look forward to working with such a distinguished member of the higher education community.

  • Louise Morley facilitated a session at the online 7th EWORA Conference (European Women Rectors' Association) entitled Can Women Make a Difference in University Leadership. Some questions that were considered included:
  1. What are your views on the recent valorisation of women leaders in the global pandemic? 
  2. How can we promote women’s leadership without degenerating into binary logics, homogenisation, and essentialisation? 
  3. Rather than focussing on counting more women into university leadership as it stands, let’s consider what type of leadership is required for universities in the post-pandemic period? What values, principles, and processes do we wish to see? 

May 2021

Louise Morley made a keynote presentation Sexual Harassment in Higher Education: Disrupting Norms and Dissolving Disadvantage to the TARGET Project's Co-Creation Workshop on Sexual Harassment in Academia, and shared expert advice on policies and strategies with the University of Belgrade, Serbia.

TARGET is a Horizon 2020 structural change project which supports 7 institutions in developing and implementing gender equality plans.  

Paul RobertsDecember 2020