Centre for Higher Education and Equity Research (CHEER)

News Archive: 2012/13

August 2013

1. Professor Louise Morley has been invited to join the new QAA Postgraduate Advisory Board which will contribute to QAA's future work on postgraduate degrees. The Board will have oversight of a range of QAA activities and will develop publications on Doctoral Degree Characteristics and Masters' Degree Characteristics; a student's guide to Master's degrees; and a guide to examining research degrees.

2. Professor Louise Morley has been invited to be the Inaugural Chair of Women and Leadership in the new Women's Leadership Centre, National University of Malaysia (Universiti Kebangsaan) for a year from September 2013. The accompanying Visiting Professorship will enable opportunities for research collaboration, knowledge exchange, international links and publications.

July 2013

CHEER members Professor Miriam David, Professor Valerie Hey and Dr Linda Morrice were all featured speakers at the Inaugural European Conference on Education held in Brighton 11-14 July 2013. See http://ece.iafor.org/index.html

June 2013

1. Professor Louise Morley made a keynote presentation at the Annual Conference of the Council for Education in the Commonwealth (CEC) in London on 27th June on Private Higher Education in the Commonwealth.
The Council is a UK Parliament-based nongovermental organisation based in London which provides a forum for activating interest and support for education in the Commonwealth. It also seeks to mobilise opinion and action in the UK and elsewhere on behalf of the Commonwealth education co-operation.
Download Louise's presentation: Inside African Private Higher Education: Contradictions and Challenges [PPT 2.42MB]

2. Professor Valerie Hey delivered the paper The Paradoxical Academy: Between the difficulties of the devil and democracy at the University of Exeter on the 25th June.

3. Professor Valerie Hey delivered the paper Towards decoding austerity's affective economy in the English academy at The Unequal Academy conference at the University of Manchester on the 5th June. Download The Unequal Academy Programme: 5th June 2013 [DOCX 147.64KB]

May 2013

The Global Gender Index: Glass ceiling remains in place for female academics. Professor Louise Morley and CHEER research cited in Times Higher Education.

April 2013

1. CHEER quoted in Times Higher Education within the feature: Are PhD vivas still fit for purpose? on Thursday 25th April - quotes by Professor Louise Morley and Dr Barbara Crossouard.

2. CHEER presented the symposium, Reconfiguring Higher Education [DOC 49.50KB], at the Gender and Education Conference on Wednesday 24th April, 1-4.15pm, South Bank University, London.
Download the following presentations:
Validating and supporting non-traditional student experience: Tamsin Hinton-Smith [PPT 2.82MB]
Leaderism in Academia: Louise Morley [PPT 4.39MB]
Feminism, affects and the political economy of knowledge: Valerie Hey [PPT 2.12MB]
Formations of masculinity and higher education pedagogies: Penny Jane Burke [PPT 524.00KB]
Feminist passions and pedagogies: Miriam David [PPT 349.00KB]

March 2013

CHEER Director, Professor Louise Morley, gave a keynote presentation, Women in Higher Education Leadership [PPT 3.81MB] at the British Council 'Going Global' conference in Dubai this month. Louise also co-facilitated a pre-conference workshop with Dr Mary Stiasny from the Institute of Education, University of London, for senior women leaders in higher education from across the globe. Her presentation: Absent Talents: Women's participation in higher education leadership and research [PPT 5.07MB] was based on data collected from British Council seminars in East Asia.
A key feature of both presentations was the launch of the Manifesto for Change: 2013 [DOC 24.00KB]. The research was reported in The Guardian on Wednesday 6 March 2013. See article: 'Gender equality in higher education must be made a global priority'.

February 2013

Professor Louise Morley addressed an audience of higher education leaders, researchers, equality and diversity officers and representatives from the QAA, HEFCE, Universities UK and the Equality Challenge Unit, at the launch of her Stimulus Paper Women and Higher Education Leadership: Absences and Aspirations [PPT 2.92MB] for the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education on 28 February in London

January 2013

1. CHEER will host the symposium Reconfiguring Higher Education at the Gender and Education Conference at South Bank University from the 23-26 April 2013. See CHEER Symposium: Reconfiguring Higher Education [DOC 49.50KB] for more details.

2. Professor Louise Morley made the keynote presentation The Knowledge Economy: Democratisation, Distributive Justice or Domination? [PPT 5.65MB] at the World Universities Forum Conference in Vancouver, Canada in January.

3. Professor Louise Morley made the keynote presentation Diversity, Difference and Distributive Justice: Tokyo 2013 [PPT 3.83MB] at the British Council Global Education Dialogue policy seminar in Tokyo, Japan in January.

4. CHEER congratulates PhD researcher - and former CHEER GTA - Cecilia Ibarra, on her successful defence of her PhD thesis: Capacity accumulation in three natural resource-based industries in Chile: The shifting roles and positions of doctoral graduates, on Thursday 24th January. It was recommended that her doctorate be awarded with only minor corrections.