Centre for Cognitive Science (COGS)

Summer term 2012

  • May 1st - Prof Tom Sorell (University of Birmingham, Centre for the Study of Global Ethics): "Robots as Carers"
  • May 8th - Prof Daniel Osorio (University of Sussex, Centre for Visual Fields): "On Colour and Cognition"
  • May 15th - Prof Zoltan Dienes (University of Sussex, School of Psychology): "The secret logic of sexual fantasy" - Video available
  • May 22nd - Prof Chris Chatwin (University of Sussex, Department of Engineering): "Computer Vision in Engineering"
  • May 29th - Prof Mike Oaksford (Department of Psychological Sciences, Birkbeck College, University of 
    London): "A Probabilistic Approach to the Psychology of Conditional Reasoning"
  • June 5th - Prof George Kemenes (University of Sussex, Neuroscience): "Cognition in Lymnaea species pluralis"
  • June 19th - Dr Luc Berthouze (University of Sussex, & UCL Institute of Child Health): "Fluctuations in motor activity: Noise or active principle?"
  • June 26th - Prof Maggie Boden (University of Sussex, COGS): "Creativity as a Neuroscientific Mystery"