Centre for Cognitive Science (COGS)

COGS Research seminar videos

A selection of recent seminars.

Thumbnail of Computational Models of Child Psychiatry    Computational Models of Child Psychiatry

     Jonathan Williams, King's College London  
     18th Nov 2014

COGS seminar thumbnail    The secret logic of sexual fantasy 

     Prof Zoltan Dienes, Professor of Psychology, University of Sussex
     15th May 2012

COGS seminar thumbnail    Data Mining and Cognition

     Dr Tom Khabaza, www.khabaza.com
     28th Feb 2012

COGS seminar thumbnail    The Default Mode Network of the Brain: 
    Transfer Entropy Network and Information Turbulence on the Web

     Prof Takashi Ikegami, Professor of Physics, University of Tokyo
     21st Feb 2012

cOGS seminar thumbnail
    Evolutionary art: the Chinese Whispers
    Generative Drawing Project

     Rachel Cohen, artist & independent researcher: www.rachelcohen.co.uk
     25th Oct 2011

COGS seminar thumbnail    Cognition, Consciousness & Ecology: What can nature 
    tell us about autonomy?

     Dr Joanna Bryson, University of Bath
     20th Oct 2011

COGS Seminar thumbnail    The Psychology of Anomalous Experiences

     Dr Chris French, Psychology, Goldsmiths College, London
     1st Dec 2009

COGS seminar thumbnail    The Neurodynamics of Cognitive Integration 

     Prof Murray Shanahan, Professor of Computing, Imperial College London
     November 24, 2009 

COGS seminar thumbnail    Being Conscious is Something's Being Actual - What and How?

     Prof Ted Honderich, Professor of Philosophy, University College London
     November 3rd, 2009 

COGS Seminar thumbnail    Inference to the Hypothesis of Extended Cognition

     Dr Mark Sprevak, King's College, Cambridge
     January 27th, 2009

COGS seminar thumbnail      A New Approach to Philosophy of Mathematics:
      Design a Young, Mathematically Disposed Explorer

      Prof Aaron Sloman, Professor of Computer Science, Birmingham 
      December 9th, 2008

COGS seminar thumbnail      Times, Minds, Bodies      

      Dr Marek McGann, Psychology, Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick 
      December 2nd, 2008 

COGS seminar thumbnail      The Urgent Need for an Academic Revolution:
      From Knowledge to Wisdom

      Dr Nicholas Maxwell, Science and Technology Studies, University College London  
      November 25th, 2008