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Our programmes are global in focus, defined by innovation, and grounded in a commitment to sustainability, ethics, and practice.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation MSc

Entrepreneurial skills are essential for career success – whether in small and medium-sized enterprises, your own business or on project-based venture teams in large companies.

This MSc combines academic knowledge with practical skills. You’ll learn to design, manage and grow new ventures in a challenging business world. You’ll gain the skills needed to make reasoned and creative contributions to problem-solving in dynamic, complex and uncertain entrepreneurial contexts.

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My time at Sussex was precious and amazing. It allowed me to expand and formulate my own ideas on how to be successful and achieve goals.” ELEANORA ABASCAL
Entrepreneurship and Innovation MSc

International Business and Development MSc

International businesses need to rapidly respond to concerns on social and environmental impacts. Multinationals are increasingly participating in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Pivotal to this is the need for firms to achieve financial returns for shareholders.

On this MSc, you’ll study the link between the micro-foundation, economic behaviours and policies of international business, and their impacts on sustainability and development. Through a lens of the SDGs framework and policies, you’ll look at the principles of international business and strategic management.

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There’s a growing call for multinational enterprises to become meaningful participants in the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals. This MSc is at the intersection of international business and development – ideal for your future career.” PROFESSOR VASILIKI BAMIATZI
Professor of Strategy and International Business

International Management MSc

The globalised business world is ever changing and challenging. On this course, you’ll develop an understanding of how globalisation shapes business decisions. You’ll gain the confidence to manage organisations and make reliable decisions in an international context.

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Teaching by professors with both industrial and academic backgrounds inspired me. And when you ask for help, tutors are very generous.” KRISHNA RADHIKA PATEL
International Management MSc graduate
Credit Analyst, Kurt Geiger

Marketing and Consumer Psychology MSc

Consumer psychology is the key to understanding how consumers behave. It plays an important role in many aspects of marketing. Insights into consumer psychology enable organisations to design innovative, value-adding products and to create effective communication messages. You’ll benefit from the academic expertise and industry experience in the School of Psychology and the University of Sussex Business School.

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My goal is to help businesses across several industries meet customer expectations and deliver a delightful experience.” SOUMIA CHAJAL
Founder of Millenia
Marketing and Consumer Psychology MSc graduate

Strategic Marketing MSc

Develop your strategic marketing skills and compete in today’s global marketplace. On this MSc, you’ll gain insights into the world of marketing, with its ethical and societal implications. You’ll study at the University of Sussex Business School with innovation at its heart. You’ll benefit from our teaching, research and business partnerships.

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A Masters was invaluable toward me securing my dream job. Learning global reach skills and presentation skills were incredibly valuable.” MATTHEW DAWSON
Strategic Marketing MSc
Conversion Rate Specialist, Brandwatch

International Marketing MSc (online)

Designed to meet the challenges faced by modern marketers, our International Marketing Masters will give you the practical skills and specialist knowledge required in today’s global business world.

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Marketing Analysis and Consultancy PG Cert (online)

Taught 100% online, the Marketing Analysis and Consultancy PG Cert (online) offers you the flexibility to study with us from wherever you are in the world. The course gives you the research, analytical and consultancy skill set required to make an immediate impact in your organisation and rapidly advance your marketing career.

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