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Examples of undergraduate students' projects

Rituals in a pandemic: Sussex

An Ethnographic Film by Indiarose, Mia, Molly and Nasser.

Changing tides: A new social reality
Casa Tochan

A photographic essay by 3rd year Frankie Mills on Casa Tochan, a migrant shelter in Mexico City.

View the essay: Casa Tochan [PDF 2.28MB]

Casa Tochan

Day of the Dead Birds

An essay and accompanying video made by 3rd Year Ben Macfadyen as part of the Religion and Ritual Course

Essay: Creating Rites for Lost Species: Mourning, Ecology, and Theatrical Re-­ritualisation [PDF 505.47KB]

Day of The Dead Birds from Ben Macfadyen on Vimeo.

The Anthropology of Migration

Sara Di Noia's poster for Practising Anthropology

View the poster: The Anthropology of Migration

Culture and Capitalism - A Sussex Anthropology blog

The Culture and Capitalism blog was started by students and faculty on the MA in the Social Anthropology of the Global Economy.

Read the blog: Culture and Capitalism

Visual Anthropology

Matthew Clark’s essay and graphic narrative on the uses of visual media to support human rights

Read the essay: In what ways can visual media be used, and be useful when looking at human rights issues? [PDF 59.54MB]

The rise of collaborative consumption

Alice Viba, undergraduate dissertation

Shortlisted for the Royal Anthropological Institute Student Essay Prize

The rise of collaborative consumption: A critical assessment of resistance to capitalism and its ideologies of self and property [PDF 340.83KB]

Indigenous People - Representations and Misconceptions

A Stop frame animated poster by Eliza Darby

Short ethnographic films by first year students

Below are first year films produced for the Ethnographic Film Module taught by Raminder Kaur in Autumn 2012. As part of the project, the students explored the wider university, neighbourhood and city to ethnographically record elements of local life that they were interested in.

The students gained experience and skills in filming and recording and covering issues related to representation, ethics, process and social interactions.

Busking: Gifts in the Public Sphere

by Luih Tuckwell, Fran Yelf, Lara Hendry and Xiafei Li


The Meal

by Eliza Darby, Evan John, Kerensa K. and Rima M.


Airing Dirty Laundry

by Keya Khandaker, Martha Lloyd-Evans, Connie Nuttall, and Vanessa Sackey

Fieldtrip websites
Anthropology and Real-Life Issues
Run and become

Run and become

Run and Become is a Creative Campus Initiative project run from the Department of Anthropology at the University of Sussex. As well as a cultural project, it is also a research project, aiming to improve our understanding of the human factors involved in training for and completing a marathon run. The two key themes are motivation and transformation. What motivates people to carry on training and carry on running, through the dark days of winter, and when the pain of ‘the wall’ hits them? How are people transformed through the act of training and running a marathon – bodily, emotionally, personally?

Run and Become: Motivation and Transformation at Brighton Marathon from Jon Mitchell on Vimeo.