Department of Anthropology

Affiliated projects and organisations

Biomedical & Health Experimentation in South Asia (BHESA)

The project explores the relationships between experimental scientific enquiries in medicine and public health, the pharmaceutical industry, and developmental programmes, to assess their impact in South Asia. Using case studies of experimental projects in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka such as research collaborations that connect international researchers with local institutions, personnel and populations,  they analyse the networks through ethical, socio-anthropological, political and economic frames.

Centre for Global Health Policy, University of Sussex 

The Centre for Global health Policy is an interdisciplinary hub dedicated to advancing the research base for global health policy.The Centre’s vision is a world in which people around the world can enjoy long, healthy lives irrespective of where they live, and in which all those in need have ready access to effective, affordable, and compassionate healthcare. It is a vision based around the social values of justice, dignity, and respect for human life. 

Utkal University