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The Centre for Bionetworking is based on the synergy of the ESRC project focusing on Patient Recruitment (December 2011-November 2014) and the ERC project focusing on Stem Cell Banking (February 2012-January 2017).

It addresses the lack of familiarity with the condi-tions in which collaboration flourishes, including regula-tions, knowledge infrastructure, standards of living, healthcare provision and socio-political regimes. We aim to reveal the obstacles to the planning, communica-tion and the building of mutual trust among poten-tial international collaborators.

We use a multi-disciplinary approach to research as a fertile basis for the production of innovative concepts and frames of analysis, to shed new light on these issues and possible solutions.

The ERC Bionetworking in Asia - Biomaterials and Cell Bank Regimes project is concerned with the flow of stem cell tissues and cell bank regimes in the context of international joint ventures between the West and Asian countries.

This is a five-year project that will shed light on the increasingly important role of bionetworking in the acquisition of stem cell tissues and in the exchange and clinical application of biomaterials.

The ESRC Bionetworking in Asia - Patient Recruitment & Therapy Practices project is primarily concerned with patient recruitment strategies and therapy practices in the context of research collab-orations between Western and Asian countries.

This is a three-year project that will shed light on the increasingly important role of bionetworking in the recruitment of patients for stem cell therapies and in the exchange of biomaterials.


The Centre for Bionetworking studies international, collaborative ways of undertaking research and development for life sciences-based innovations.

I just uploaded 'Comparing national home-keeping and the regulation of translational stem cell a...' to @academia!…

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