Auriol Stevens' Sports Bursary

Taking Sussex by Storm: Alumna Auriol Stevens brought her 1st Division basketball team to Sussex to play a friendly game with Team Sussex

Two womens' basketball teams in the Sussex Sport gym

 Alumna Auriol Stevens (back row, no. 11) and her team, Aztecs Storm, with Noa Iglesias Adamson (front row, no. 12), Taylor Castellani (front row, no.11) and the Sussex Women’s Basketball squad

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Recently, Auriol Stevens (Law 2005), Captain of the Sussex Women’s Basketball team from 2002-2005, returned to campus with her basketball team, Aztecs Storm, to play the current student squad. Following a hard-fought battle, during which Team Sussex came back with a strong finish, the final score resulted in a 76-41 win for the more experienced Aztecs.

Biochemistry student and Co-Captain of the Sussex squad, Noa Iglesias Adamson, commented after the game:

“I think we did very well given that it was our first game after the winter break. There was a real air of camaraderie and both teams had a good time playing the sport that we love. We would happily welcome Aztecs Storm back to Sussex as we’d relish a rematch.”

Auriol’s support extends far beyond giving the home side the chance to play a more senior team; she has established a bursary in collaboration with Sussexsport, which enables our students not only to participate, but to excel in their chosen sports.

Explaining the motivation behind setting up her bursary, Auriol says:

“Basketball and sports in general played a significant part of my life since I was a child. I chose to study at Sussex in part due to the quality of the sporting facilities, the dedication and excellence of the coaching and support staff, and the opportunity to represent such an exciting institution. I was not disappointed. My time at Sussex was dominated by basketball and the many successes I shared with my teammates. I was honoured to receive a bursary for playing, and this helped ensure I had access to everything I needed to be a success.”

Auriol feels particularly strongly about enabling women to enjoy team sports (including Auriol's passion, basketball), developing their leadership skills and confidence whilst doing so.

Taylor Castellani, law student and the other Co-Captain of the Sussex basketball team, expressed her appreciation for Auriol’s help, saying:

“It was great to get to meet Auriol and we are so grateful for the time and money she has put into helping our team improve. It truly highlights the family spirit that exists within the Sussex Women’s Basketball team.

“This year Auriol has donated money for us to use at our own discretion. So far we have used it to add more practice time and more time in the gym to work out with weights, and we hope to go to a tournament in Belgium. Auriol told us that it that we can use the money even for something as simple as getting shoes for someone who may not be able to afford them. Auriol just wants to make sure we have all the opportunities we need to be the best we can be.”

It is incredibly important to me that those who are passionate and dedicated to sports are supported. Whether it be access to additional training, purchasing vital equipment, or funding access to training or games, I hope my bursary continues to advance the wonderful work that Sussexsport does.” auriol stevens
law 2005

For many alumni, sports societies played an integral role in their Sussex experience and led to building friendships for life. If you would like to support students at Sussex you can make your gift here. Or why not get in touch and tell us about your own Sussex experience? We'd love to hear from you.

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