Sussex Asia Centre

Mrs Ozoda Nurmatova

Mrs Ozoda Nurmatova is the holder of Master degrees (i) on European Union Studies (IEP/CIFE Germany) and (ii) Political Science-Central Asia (OSCE Academy, Kyrgyzstan). She holds BA on Philology of English language (Kulob State University, Tajikistan). Mrs. Nurmatova is an employee of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) Office in Tajikistan (since 2011). She works in the Analysis and External Relations Unit of the OSCE BMSC. Mrs. Ozoda Nurmatova was involved in number of research projects focused on poverty reduction, KAP survey on mined fields, labour migration, countering extremism and terrorism, women education, natural disaster and climate change in Central Asia.


Fields of Interest:

 - Central Asia, Afghanistan, Iran, China;
 - International organizations, EU, OSCE, SCO;
 - Refugees, Migration, Gender, Islam;
 - Peacebuilding, Conflict prevention;
 - Research methods.



Nurmatova, Ozoda and Gulbahor Jumaboeva (2012) “Cultural Barriers and Young Females’ Rights to Education in Rural Communities of Tajikistan”, NAM Yearbook, Tehran (Volume 1): p.765


MA thesis ‘Cooperation Limits and Opportunities between Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the European Union in Central Asia’ (2010)