Sussex Asia Centre

Dr Till Mostowlansky

Till Mostowlansky is an anthropologist with a particular interest in the anthropology of development, globalization and Islam. He has conducted extensive fieldwork in Tajikistan, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan and India since 2005. Till is currently researching Shia networks which transcend the modern frontiers of Tajikistan, Pakistan, Iran and India through development and charity. He has also developed an interest in connectivity between China and Central Asia. Till is the author of Islam und Kirgisen on Tour: Die Rezeption “nomadischer Religion” und ihre Wirkung (Islam and Kyrgyz on Tour: The Perception of “Nomadic Religion” and Its Effects) (Harrassowitz 2007) and has a forthcoming monograph with the University of Pittsburgh Press entitled Azan on the Moon: Entangling Modernity along Tajikistan’s Pamir Highway. Moreover, he is co-editor (with Brook Bolander) of the forthcoming special issue “Language and Globalization in South and Central Asian Spaces” for the International Journal of the Sociology of Language.