Sussex Asia Centre

Dr Marina Marouda

Research Fellow, Anthropology, School of Global Studies

Dr Marina Marouda (Research Fellow, Anthropology, University of Sussex) is a social anthropologist specialising in Vietnamese culture and sociality, both at home and abroad. She has carried out extensive fieldwork in Việt Nam, and her original research deals with the ways in which the dead are made to be intimately connected to the living, particularly in ritual settings, and the manner in which such connections are inflected by the national and communist revolutions, as well as by the country’s recent transition to market-socialism. She is currently involved in an ERC-funded team project (TRODITIES) concerned with charting various trading networks centring on the circulation of Chinese-made commodities around the world. As part of this project, she is carrying out research on the entrepreneurial and social lives of Vietnamese traders based in Eastern Europe, looking not only at Vietnamese migratory paths and diasporic connections, but also into the integral role such traders play in facilitating the flow of Chinese-made commodities into national, regional and EU markets.