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Past events 2016/17

Death, Dying and Social Work - 6 September 2016

This conference provided a space for researchers, educators and others to meet and discuss this important area of interest.

Death and dying is located at the heart of much social work practice - whether through direct work with the dying and their families in end-of-life work, through encountering bereaved service users in many areas of practice, or with the risk of death central to safeguarding procedures for children and adults. 
Personal bereavements may also affect students, faculty and service users in various complex ways both more immediately and across the lifespan.

The conference promoted research undertaken into the relationships between social work, death and dying and provide opportunities for the development of networks in this important area. The fascinating range of conference papers and workshops provided theoretical, pedagogical and experiential insights into aspects of bereavement, cultural practices ,and leading research.

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Death, Dying and Social Work: 6 September 2016

Keynote 1: Pam Hester-Firth, Social Worker and internationally recognised expert on palliative care, presents 'Core Competencies For Palliative Care Social Workers: What are the key issues we have learnt by sharing a European perspective'

Keynote 2: Andrew Cooper, Professor of Social Work, University of East London and Tavistock Centre + Director of the Centre for Social Work Practice, presents 'Hearing the Bluebird Sing: On dying, death and social work'

Other presentations

Glenys Caswell, University of Nottingham: 'Challenging the belief that no one should die alone'

Maggie Jackson, Tesseide University: 'You take your students to the cemetery, don't you?'

Chao Fang, University of Bath: 'Bereavement in China'

Panagiotis Pentaris: 'Religion and belief on hospice social work'

Social Media on Trial - 23 September 2016

Hosted by the Department of Social Work and Social Care, the Department of Media and Film, and the School of Law, Politics and Sociology at the University of Sussex, with Westgate Chambers, Lewes

Social media stands accused of being a conduit for the dissemination of hostile and offensive material, presenting a danger to the public good and collective wellbeing of society. Defence and prosecution prepared and presented by the Department of Social Work and Social Care, and the School of Law, Politics and Sociology, ably assisted by members of Westgate Chambers. Court reporting by the Department of Media and Film.

An electronic public vote acquited social media.

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Social Media on Trial: 23 September 2016

See also coverage of this event in Community Care online.

Predictors and outcomes of social work for children and parents: What can panel and cohort studies tell us? - 14 November 2016

Date: Monday 14 November, 2016    
Time: 4.30-6pm
Venue: Room 203, Fulton

Speaker: Elaine Sharland, Professor of Social Work Research, Department of Social Work & Social Care, University of Sussex  
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A Bridge Between Families: The photograph as symbol and tool in social work practice - 8 March 2017

Date: Wednesday 8 March, 2017  
Time: 12.30-1.30pm
Venue: Room 2A2, Pevensey 1

Speaker: Louise Sims, Doctoral researcher, PhD in Social Work & Social Care 
Research-in-Progress Seminar Promo: CSWIR Research-in-Progress Seminar: 8march2017 

Interdisciplinary dialogues for social work research and practice - 24 March 2017

Date: Friday 24 March, 2017      
Time: 10am-4.30pm 
Venue: Quaker Meeting House, The Lanes, Brighton 
Speakers: Robbie Duschinsky, University of Cambridge / Michelle Lefevre, University of Sussex / Johanna Motzkau, Open University / Sevasti-Melissa Nolas, University of Sussex; Antje Rauers, University of Jena; Johannes Schöning, University of Bremen (organisers)  
Promo: Interdisciplinary dialogues for social work research and practice: 24march2017 

Social Work at a Time of Crisis - 3 April 2017

Date: Monday 3 April, 2017      
Time: 5.30-7pm 
Venue: Room 202, Fulton 
Speakers: Dr Reima Ana Maglajlic, Rachel Larking (University of Sussex) & Dr Lauren Wroe (Social Work Without Borders)
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Understanding and Conducting Practice Research: Lessons from a Nordic context - 25 April 2017

Date: Tuesday 25 April, 2017       
Time: 3-4.30pm   
Venue: Ground floor meeting room, Essex House  
Speaker: Ilse Julkenen, Professor of Social Work, University of Helsinki & Director of the Mathilde Wrede Centre for Practice Research, Helsinki, Finland 
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Practitioner Research Symposium - 26 April 2017

Date: Wednesday 26 April, 2017      
Time: 9.30am-3.30pm  
Venue: Gallery Room, Conference Centre, Bramber House, University of Sussex 
Speakers: Ilse Julkenen, University of Helsinki, Finland / Helen Evans, Doctorate in Social Work, University of Sussex / Barry Luckock, Senior Lecturer, University of Sussex / Local practice educators
Promo: Practitioner Research Symposium: 26april2017 

'Situated Writing' as a Methodological Tool in Social Work Research and Teaching - 22 May 2017

Date: Monday 22 May
Time: 4-5.30pm
Venue: Room G36, Jubilee 
Speaker: Dr Mona Livholts, Associate Professor, Department of Social and Welfare Studies, Linköping University, Sweden
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Learning from Relationships: An evaluation of relationship-based practice in Brighton and Hove - 13 July 2017

Date: Thursday 13 July     
Time: 9.30am-1.30pm 
Venue: Lecture Theatre A, Fulton  
Keynote Speaker: Tom Stibbs, Principal Social Worker, Brighton & Hove City Council 
Promo: Learning from Relationships: PROGRAMME [PDF 111.10KB] 
Evaluation: Evaluation of Relationship-based Practice in Brighton and Hove: July 2017