Department of Geography

The Debates

January 10th  - The economic and the social

Andrew Sayer, Sociology, Lancaster

Adrian Smith, Geography, QMUL

Chair: Tony Fielding, Sussex

Andrew Sayer :Adrian Smith

January 17thThe urban and the rural

Nigel Walford, Geography, Kingston

Rob Imrie, Geography, King’s College London

Chair: Simon Rycroft, Sussex

Nigel Walford Rob Imrie

January 24thGeographies of work and migration

Susan Halford, Sociology, Southampton

Heaven Crawley, Geography, Swansea

Chair: Richard Black, Sussex

Susan Halford Susan Halford

January 31st Geographies of development and integration

Hazel Barrett, Geography, Coventry

Mark Wise, Jean Monnet Professor of European Integration Studies, University of Plymouth

Chair: Ron Skeldon, Sussex

Hazel Barrett  

February 7th Geography and social policy

Damaris Rose, Université INRS, Montréal

Peter Kemp,  Social Policy & Social Work, University of Oxford

Chair: Mick Dunford, Sussex

Damaris Rose Peter Kemp

February 14thEnvironmental geographies

Roy Haynes-Young, Geography, Nottingham

Andy Millington, Geosciences, Texas A&M

Chair: David Robinson, Sussex

Roy Haines-Young Andy Millington

February 21st Geography and political economy

Mark Goodwin, Geography, Exeter

Michael Geddes,  Warwick Business School

Chair: Alan Lester, Sussex

Mark Goodwin Mike Geddes

February 28thGeographies of the Quaternary

Peter Coxon, Geography, Trinity College Dublin

Mark Bateman, Geography, Sheffield

Chair: Julian Murton, Sussex

Peter Coxon Mark Bateman

March 6thApplied geomorphology: science or engineering?

Roger Moore, Geography, Sussex

Chair/co-debater: Bob Allison, Sussex

Roger Moore  Bob Allison

*Will join us by video-conference

Please note: titles of sessions may change.