Department of Geography

Geographies of work and migration

January 24th – Geographies of work and migration

Susan Halford, Sociology, Southampton

Heaven Crawley, Geography, Swansea

Chair: Richard Black, Sussex

Susan Halford Susan Halford

Richard Black, Susan Halford and Heaven CrawleyRichard Black, Susan Halford and Heaven Crawley

The geographies of work and migration have been two key themes of human geography at Sussex over a long period, through the work of the Centre for Urban and Regional Studies, and more recently the Sussex Centre for Migration Research.  In both cases, these centres built substantial international reputations by bringing together geographers with cognate disciplines, notably including sociology, economics, anthropology and political science.  Our two speakers, Professors Susan Halford and Heaven Crawley, will talk about the value of an interdisciplinary approach, the role of field-based study, and the practical applications of geographical research.

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