Seven tips for international students

We asked some international students studying at Sussex to give their top tips for studying in the UK and making the most of their time at university.

International students on campus at the University of Sussex

  1. Budget for student life

    Plan your budget before you come. Check the price for flights, accommodation, fees, daily spending and so on.Winky Wong
    BA in International Business, China

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  2. Develop your English skills

    Master the language, it will help you to communicate and study faster.Selena Phan
    BA in International Relations and Sociology, Vietnam

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  3. Join a society

    Get involved in societies as much as you can.Dushani Mathew
    MSc in Satellite Communications Systems, Sri Lanka

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  4. Research your accommodation options

    Do research on accommodation before you apply. Chatting to current students can be one of the most useful ways to get good opinions and guide you to choose the right place for you.Winky Wong
    BA in International Business, China

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  5. Immerse yourself in UK culture

    Fully immerse yourself in the British culture. This is probably your only chance where you’re going to be surrounded by people who come from places you’ve never even heard of.Yousra Abdelmoneim
    BSc in Economics, North Sudan

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  6. Get involved in Sussex life

    Get outside your comfort zone. Attend seminars outside your department, join societies that you may not have considered before and say “yes” to new opportunities.Chantel Lucas
    MA in Media Practice for International Development and Social Change, USA

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  7. Build support networks

    Keep in contact with both the people you meet in the new country and the people from your home country. It really provides a network for strong support.Alexandra Bagaini
    BA in Psychology, Switzerland

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