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Reflecting for a future event quiz

Reflecting for a future event

What are you going to study next on your course?​​

  • How are you feeling about the course area coming up?
  • What challenges can you think of in studying the new area?
  • How are you planning to improve your understanding and enjoyment of the new area?

Write at least 250 words​

Example answer - reflecting for a future event

From next January, I’m going to study a module in Organic Chemistry as part of my Medical degree. I’m feeling a bit nervous as it’s completely different from the modules I took last term - Lasers and Computational Diagnostics, Anatomy and Anasthaesia. I enjoyed those. That’s because my background’s in Applied Maths and the hard Sciences, and I feel more confident when working with modules like Anatomy and Anasthaesia, so I think organic chemistry’s going to be a bit challenging. But my sponsor insists an understanding of polymers and spectroscopy is essential to my future success as a medical practitioner, and it’s a condition of the continuation of my grant. I’ve heard that the tutor is really strict and organic chemistry requires more study time than just about any other module, and so the weak students will drop out. If a student can’t spend ten or more hours a week studying for a single module, there’s no way that they’re going to get through and I’m terrified of failure but I’m sure I’m going to make time and effort to keep up my new study and get on with the instructor. I’m sure I have to work hard and study diligently and must keep going and never give up. I chose this major and I already know there are some obstacles that could stop me or I might even get frustrated, but I’m not going to beat myself up. There is one thing in my mind and I believe that I should give my all to achieve my dream. One advantage is the Library. There’s a lot of multiple copies of the core texts and I could start to look at a few of them and watch some YouTubes. I wouldn’t make the mistake of joining OrganicChemNet cos I’ve heard the posts can be pretty negative and I’m scared of getting sucked into a downward spiral. Or I could try and get an internship at path lab in my local hospital over the winter. That might help. Now I’ve got a good chance to study. I chose a very important major so I have to work hard in advance and get over the motivation problem.

Reflecting for a future event. Alternative multiple choice exercise.

Choose the correct options in the questions below.

Example question

The writer is going to study:


Question 1

How does the writer feel about the future module?

Question 2

What does the writer identify as a challenge in the new study area?

Question 3

The writer is planning to better understand and enjoy the January module by:

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