Sussex Centre for Language Studies

English Language for Academic Study

This service is designed to help students improve their academic English and their understanding of British academic culture.

We offer free workshops, 'time to write' sessions and one-to-one tutorials throughout the academic year to students whose first language is not English. These are available to international/overseas students studying for a degree at the University of Sussex.

For further information and resources, please see our Canvas site - most eligible students will be given access within a few weeks of University registration, but you can self-enrol at

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I book a workshop?

Students can go straight to the workshop booking system via this link

Alternatively, work through the following steps:

  • Log in to Sussex Direct with your ITS username and password
  • Under the Personal tab, click on Training Courses
  • Click on the option Training Courses Booking Facility
  • Under Academic Development: Study Skills, you will find a list of the workshops by topic
  • Click on the workshop title to find a date/time that suits you
  • Click the Book Now! button
How do I book a tutorial?

Students can go straight to the tutorial booking system via this link

Alternatively, work through the following steps:

  • Log in to Sussex Direct with your ITS username and password
  • Click on your Study menu in Sussex Direct
  • Select Student Life
  • Select Sussex Centre for Language Studies
  • Pick an appointment to suit you
How do I cancel a workshop/tutorial?

To cancel a workshop or tutorial, log on to the relevant Sussex Direct section as above and remove the instances of workshops or tutorials you no longer wish to attend.

If the workshop or tutorial is taking place within 24 hours, you will not be able to cancel via Sussex Direct - please send an email to and we will cancel it for you.

Are the online workshops the same as the classroom-based workshops?

All workshops of the same title cover the same material. Please only book one workshop for each workshop title.

I'm a summer student and can't find any workshops - why not?

The majority of the ELAS workshops run during the academic year. However, we do offer a limited selection of online workshops in the summer; please see the Canvas site for details. Tutorials are also available throughout the summer. 

Why are there no tutorials available at times I am free?

If there are not suitable tutorial times, please email to request a tutorial. Please explain what you would like to discuss and the date by which you need a tutorial.

I require a proofreading service - can ELAS help?

ELAS cannot offer proofreading services, as this is against the University’s proofreading policy.

However, we do offer a proofreading workshop designed to help you improve your proofreading skills. In addition, if you book a tutorial through ELAS, your tutor will be able to read your work and offer advice on how to improve it.

I want to cancel my workshop place but can’t see this option – why not?

Cancellations can only be made via Sussex Direct more than 24 hours prior to the start of the workshop. If you need to cancel less than 24 hours prior to the start of the workshop, please contact and we will manually remove you from the register.

Why has my tutorial been cancelled?

Prior to your tutorial, you must contact the tutor at least 24 hours in advance to confirm the appointment and notify them of the work you wish to discuss (you will be reminded of this when you book your appointment).

If you do not contact the tutor at least 24 hours in advance, your tutorial will be cancelled. This is because the tutor needs to read your work prior to the tutorial in order to make the best use of the time available.

Can I access the slides from specific workshops?

Workshop slides, worksheets and other useful materials are available on the ELAS Canvas site. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please email:

Will non-attendance of booked workshops affect my overall university attendance?

ELAS workshops are not mandatory, so non-attendance does not affect your overall university attendance. However, spaces are limited, so if you are unable to attend a workshop you have booked, it is important that you either cancel your place or contact us so that we can offer the place to somebody else.

Can I book multiple time slots for the same workshop?

You are not permitted to book multiple time slots for the same workshop. This is to ensure that places can be offered to as many students as possible. For this reason, if you book multiple time slots for a workshop, all but the first booking will be cancelled.

The content of different time slots for a workshop will be the same, so attending multiple time slots is unlikely to be useful. However if you have already attended a workshop but believe that you would benefit from attending it again, please contact us at, and if there are spaces available you may be able to do so.

Can I book multiple tutorials?

You are only permitted to book one tutorial at a time. After you have attended a tutorial, you will be able to book another, but there are a limited number of appointments available each week and students who book regularly may be asked to limit their bookings to ensure other students can attend.

I am an ISS student, am I eligible to attend?

Unfortunately, it is not currently possible for International Summer School students to attend ELAS workshops and tutorials. The university provides other services that ISS students may access:

Are online workshops and tutorials UK or local time?

All times shown for online workshops and tutorials are UK time.

Why have my future workshop bookings been cancelled?

If your workshop booking is cancelled, you will receive an email explaining the reason why. If the workshop does not have enough attendees booked, it may be that we merge two workshops, in which case you will be contacted with details of the revised time.

If all your future workshop bookings have been cancelled, it is likely that this is because you have not attended previous workshops you have booked, and have not responded to our emails. When this happens, we cancel future bookings to ensure that places do not go to waste – to avoid this happening, make sure to respond to our email if you miss a workshop, to confirm that you are still interested in attending future workshops.

If you find that your place has been cancelled and you do wish to attend, contact us and we will re-confirm your booking if possible.


"You can imagine that I am happy to have improved my writing, thanks to your workshops. So, I thank you again!" (Christophe Bizimungu, PhD in Law Studies)

"Wow what a difference a couple of months and some language skills sessions can make! I was thoroughly impressed with the change in your style of writing and depth of analysis in this new section - well done." (Comment from Prof. Mark Walters, Christophe's supervisor)

"Thank you very much for the session today, which I'd genuinely say is one of the best language sessions I've had. Your input and extra time are really worthwhile." (Madhubhashini Rangika Rathnayaka Mudiyanselage, MA in Media Practice for Development and Social Change)