Sussex Centre for Language Studies

English Language for Academic Study

This service is designed to help students improve their academic English and their understanding of British academic culture.

We offer free workshops, 'time to write' sessions and one-to-one tutorials throughout the academic year to students whose first language is not English. These are available to international/overseas students studying for a degree at the University of Sussex.

For further information and resources, please see our Canvas site - most eligible students will be given access within a few weeks of University registration, but you can self-enrol at

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"You can imagine that I am happy to have improved my writing, thanks to your workshops. So, I thank you again!"
(Christophe Bizimungu, PhD in Law Studies)

"Wow what a difference a couple of months and some language skills sessions can make! I was thoroughly impressed with the change in your style of writing and depth of analysis in this new section - well done." (Comment from Prof. Mark Walters, Christophe's supervisor)

"Thank you very much for the session today, which I'd genuinely say is one of the best language sessions I've had. Your input and extra time are really worthwhile." (Madhubhashini Rangika Rathnayaka Mudiyanselage, MA in Media Practice for Development and Social Change)