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    Clare: Welcome to Skills Hub. This website will help you to develop your academic skills at university. There's plenty of advice from students and from staff. You‘re not expected to have all the skills you need for university already. We will help you to develop them during your time here. We also run workshops and tutorials, and you can talk to a student mentor while you're here.
    Remember, you can always come back to Skills Hub for advice whenever you need it. Good luck with your studies at Sussex.

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Welcome to the University of Sussex Skills Hub. This resource will help you to develop the skills which are essential for academic study. You will find a range of resources, including expert advice, and suggestions from successful Sussex students. Developing your academic skills will help you to fully engage with, and excel, in your studies. Remember you are not expected to have all these skills already - you will develop them throughout your time at Sussex.

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Throughout your journey at university you will require key skills to be a successful student.
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