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Reflecting on a past event - quiz

Write about the key moments in your life that led to your choice of subject at university.

  • What happened?
  • Who was involved?
  • How did the experience influence you?

Write at least 250 words

Example answer - reflecting on a past event

About ten years ago, I was in my final year at high school and it was the summer holidays. I was at home channel hopping on daytime TV. I came across an interesting programme on a psychology channel. It was about phobias. A famous psychologist was talking about the different kinds - how they develop and the different treatment options. One of my cousins at the time had a phobia about spiders and I found the information in the programme helped me to better understand her situation. That gave me an idea. Why shouldn't I train to be a psychologist and help people like my cousin?

At school the next term, the careers advisor offered me advice and encouragement. She told me psychology was a good choice to develop a career. There were plenty of options but I'd need to study at university. At that time, my maths was useless. When I realised psychology involved a lot of statistics, I almost gave up the idea. However, the careers advisor said, 'Take extra maths!' So I did and every Tuesday and Thursday lunch time I had a one to one with a maths tutor. I worked really hard and began to enjoy maths. I applied for an undergraduate degree in psychology at the local uni and got offered a place. I was so proud. With the support of my teachers, I overcame difficulties and setbacks and learned not to give up so easily. I was able to assist my cousin using the flooding technique and she is now completely fine with spiders. I still sometimes seek out challenges, much to her amusement.

Reflecting in an event. Alternative multiple choice exercise.

Choose the correct options in the questions below.

Example question

A significant factor in the writer’s choice of subject at university was:


Question 1

Ten years previously, the writer had:

Question 2

Significant others included:

Question 3

The experience:

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