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This page includes links to various numeracy resources some of which are designed specifically for university students. These resources include paper based materials, videos and interactive resources. You can use any of these for free to help you practise and improve your numeracy skills.

Writing maths equations on a blackboard

External on-line numeracy resources:

Mathcentre: A Numeracy Refresher
This booklet contains short review exercise and notes on basic numeracy. Examples of topics covered are: approximations, decimals and fractions. This booklet is ideal to use if you need to brush up on your basic numeracy skills.
BBC Bitesize
This site contains some excellent revision materials and on-line tests at GCSE level. There is revision material, activities and on-line tests that you can complete to ensure that you fully understand the basic techniques.
BBC Skillswise
This site contains material on basic numeracy topics, such as whole numbers, fractions, etc. The examples and questions are applied to "real-life" situations so you can see how certain techniques can be applied to everyday calculations.

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