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36-hour film challenge

Seven teams comprising around 80 students took part in the 36-hour Film Challenge as part of Cinecity. Students from across the whole suite of practice courses took part alongside volunteers from other courses including film studies, music, visiting and exchange, media and communications, and drama.

Each group received a prop, a location and a mystery parameter. These included many familiar Brighton locations alongside props such as a spanner, a teapot, a pair of candlesticks and a clock. The students also had to get '36' into their film. The top three films as judged by Professor Sasha Roseneil (Vice Chancellor), Tim Brown (Cinecity) and Professor Kate O'Riordan (Dean of Media, Arts and Humanities) were created by:

  • Big Top Bando - Abby Hunter (Actor), Lillian Godfrey (Actor), Asa Boufrahi-Wade (Director), Adam Cennell (Writer), Lewis Alford (Producer), Sofia Constable Maxwell (Director of Photography), Rebecca Chitolie (Editor), Ed Thompson (Sound Mixer), Oscar Bussell (Sound Editor and Boom Operator), James Ely (Composer), Production Assistant (Taylor Lodge), Chenying Cannell (Unit Stills Photgrapher). With special thanks to Mike Berry
  • Red Panda - Alice Langston (Actor), Jasper Pagan (Actor), Reuben Johnston (Director), Micah Sakar (Writer), Lewis Kerr (Producer), Joe Shale (Director of Photography), Brydie Edwards (Sound Recordist), Jasper Pagan, Isla Thorpe (Editors). With special thanks to Matthew Knapp
  • Momentum - Cast: Giulia Di Bella (Actor), Madeline Tavaré (Actor), Daniel Fararooy (Actor), Ömer Dernik (Director), Daniel Farorooy (Writer), Stavros Apostolopoulos (Director of Photography), Kitty Read (Producer), Melis Samdanci (Editor), Ethan Truss (Sound)

36-hour film challenge entry by Big Top Bando

  • Video transcript

    It's empty where the f*** is the diamond?

    I don't get it. It says 9E


    What? I'm sure someone was following us.

    What is this place called again?


    What's the name of this place? I need to tag the photo.

    Are you crazy?

    You want to tell the whole world we're here?

    We've travelled 3600 miles to get here. Let's not mess this up.

    [piano music underneath dialogue]

    36 carats. Can you imagine how much a diamond that size is worth?

    We would be millionaires

    And I would finally be able to pay off my debt.

    Someone else is here.

    No one else know we're here. We're the only ones who know about the treasure and we're the only ones with the map.

    It says 9E

    Can you see anything?


    What are you doing? You look a God damn Lighthouse people will see you from miles away.

    9E - we found it.

    You brought the tools, right?

    Let's get digging.

    You heard that too, right?

    What do you think that was? Why don't you check it out?

    I didn't see anyone there.

    You’re throwing bloody tools at me

    I think I can negotiate us out of this one.

    Good evening.

    Yes, I got that f*****.

    Who do you think he was?




    I'll check his wallet.


    He's got a Costco card.


    Do the right thing

    He's dead.



    Let's get to work.

    It's empty where the f*** is the diamond?

    I don't get it. It says 9E

    what do we do now?



36-hour film challenge entry by Red Panda

  • Video transcript

    Yes, Mum. I'm back from the festival.

    I'm going to walk home for God's sake.

    I can do what I want.

    No, I don't want to go for a coffee with you. I'm busy.


    How do you do? Why don't you join me for some tea?


    [knocking on door]

    Feeling some dejar brew? Who the hell are you?

    I'm the spirit of tea and appreciation. I'm here to help you appreciate the things you in your life friends, family and a hearty brew

    Why? Well, it's come to my attention. You've been quite the brat recently. I mean what the cup?

    Get out of my house.

    I love tea. I've had 36 cups a day already.

    Alice, look, the contents of this putrid pot here reflects your soul. Can you smell the stench of maternal disrespect and resentment of our great National beverage?

    I'm going to show you how to make a perfect brew. And once we're through you're going to be one stir crazy mother cupper.

    Oh unacceptable.

    Brewtiful. Now Alice. Can you tell me what comes next? What are the tea leaves telling you?

    The water?

    There's not a damn chance in hell.

    Has anyone should know the sugar comes first. You son of a mug.

    Don't talk about my mum like that.

    Really? After what you said to her? I've heard those phone calls. There's many a time where she's been left crying from your comments.

    You know most of the UK measure their sugar in teaspoons. No wonder you've got a cost of living crisis. Am I right? Well, they don't realize is that it should be in exactly. Sorry 2.45 grams of sugar is the optimum.


    Now go ahead. It's your time to shine.

    And there we go the perfect cup of tea.

    Well, what do you think?

    Yeah, it's alright.

    Alright, what do you mean? This is literally the perfect cup of tea. Of all the ungrateful people I could have met. This is truly unacceptable.

    You know after being around you, I think my mum's all right.



    I'm gonna call her.

    Hi, Mum.

    No, I'm sorry, Mum.

    I've been so awful to you, and I don't know why.

    I want to make it up to you.

    I don't want to go for coffee.

    But I'll have a cup of tea.

    Yeah, baby. Oh, yeah.

    Okay. Yes

    and a hearty

    Brew why Deja brew

    Deja brew!

36-hour film challenge entry by Momentum

  • Video transcript

    [typing and phone ringing]

    Don't know what she's doing wrong, like you're giving me all thedetails.

    Still right?


    I know you're close, but we're about to lose our chance at retrieving The Relic.

    It's been 36 times already. You need to hurry.

    It only felt like four times


    I've found it.

    Agents tell me you got that. I was right.

    Remember every time it senses your presence it resets the time. It changes spots. It's now or never.


    Agents, I can see the globe. I repeat I can see the globe.

    Agents there's a person moving towards the globe. Are they hostile?

    Agents, the person is running towards the globe expect a reset now.


    Agents, it's not here. There's only one place we haven't checked yet.


Title: Darren 
By: Emily Downer
Synopsis: Darren (excerpt) by Emily Downer is a short, 2D, digital frame-by-frame animated film following a man experiencing homelessness in a cashless society. It explores the limitations and effects a future without cash would bring to those who are unbanked and without a permanent address. The story begins with Darren struggling to get by, using a QR code donation system linked to his bank account. When his bank account is blocked due to him failing to update his address, he has nowhere to go, until he meets Stevie, who is part of a small resistance using the old physical currency systems to trade resources and essentials.

Please note that due to COVID-related issues, this project is not fully realised.

Documentary video 

Title: Mati: Trapped in Fire
By: Semeli Loukeri
Synopsis: 'Mati: trapped in fire is a short documentary created by Semeli Loukeri, which investigates a wildfire in Mati, Greece. Although wildfires are common in Greece, especially during the summer season, the destruction the fire caused in Mati was unusual. Extreme weather conditions and unexpected winds meant that the residents and authorities were unprepared for the scale of the coming disaster. This is an account of that fateful day in July, 2018.

Interactive Design

Title: Intensify Game
By: Lola Awoderu
Synopsis: ‘Intensify’ is a web-based game that is designed to be used for people to engage in conversation with those who might not look, speak or act as we do. Opinions are personal and so is perspective, the game encourages all players to be open minded and understanding of how we view other people’s perspectives. The game has been developed over the course of the academic year, with layouts and designs continually being refined to reflect the happenings within society e.g. Black Lives Matter and race, the environment and gender equality. The impact of Covid-19 makes it more important than ever to communicate and strengthen connections with people around us In order to challenge loneliness, through encouraging depth within conversations and to learn from the experiences of others. “Technology has actually given us new tools to study love. It’s helped us do very rigorous research, and get consistent results across studies which are replicable, on topics which re-ally matter, both practically and theoretically” (Varghese, 2019).


Title: Son Of Man
By: Zi Lu (Perilu) Huang
Synopsis: This project illustrates an alternative representation of scenes from everyday life through a series of abstract manipulations of photographs. By manipulating such documentary photographs, the project presents an alternative virtual world apart from modern society. The photographs' composition and colour also go some way to disguise the feelings of the first consciousness, removing some of the subconscious stereotypes of inherited cultures and natural landscapes. The surreal nature of this project is also intended to provoke fantasies of the future and focus on the present state of being. In this project, elements emphasise the recreation of natural and human landscapes while depicting the psychological state of 'awe' and 'fear' that mystery brings to people. At the same time, the project is partly inspired by the society affected by the pandemic, and the group of photographs aims to provoke a subconscious reorganisation of memories of the present and fantasies of unknown space and time. The creation of which will process the real scenes recorded in the camera in an absurd style and with unreal colours, thus creating altered information and bringing about an invented memory. See the full gallery.

The majority and the minority by Perilu Huang

Screen drama


'Flutterby', is a short film that follows a young man struggling to find his place in the world. He has never and will never act upon his urges because he knows them to be morally wrong; he is a paedophile. As he tries to rid himself of his curse and integrate himself into society, he battles with the hatred of his own existence, loneliness and isolation.This film begs the question: Is this character a bad person? You'll have to decide for yourself.

Missing moments

A queer romantic comedy about a career driven lawyer, Michelle, who moves back in with her old friend Chris, a painter and dreamer. We follow them as they rekindle their old friendship which soon turns to romance and we follow along with all the complications that go with it. When Michelle starts looking for a new job out of town, tensions rise. and Will Chris step out of her comfort zone or will she simply let Michelle go?


Right to Remain Silent 

Made in collaboration with the University of Sussex, starring Hana Stewart and Carl Wharton.Previous examples of audio drama have often focused on dialogue as their primary device for conveying information, while sound effects act as supplementary additions to the greater story. In Right to Remain Silent, sound effects become the dominant narrative tool, with the objective of exploring the boundaries of storytelling through sound.Following an unnamed protagonist as her morals are tested and pushed to their limits, we learn facing up to the consequences of her actions are inevitable. We all have a right to remain silent, but what will she do when pushed to make a life-changing decision?

321Drone · Right ToRemain Silent (Headphone Mix)

36 hour film-making challenge

In November 2019, as part of CineCity film festival, Filmmaking students took part in a 36-hour filmmaking challenge. The event started with a draw in which groups received a prop, a location and a mystery parameter. These included many familiar Brighton locations alongside props such as a candle, a pitch fork, wind chimes, and a bunch of grapes. They also had to include 'cinecity' in the film. Students then worked in teams to produce 5-minute films that were screened at Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts (ACCA) in front of a public audience and a panel of judges. 

The winners were:

  • Best Film - Gorillas in the Mist for their film ‘Despondent’.
  • Best Effort - The Fantastic Five for ‘In the Moment’.
  • An honourable mention went to Just for Fun for ‘Mediator’.


In the Moment


You can watch the other films on our Vimeo page.

Showcase 2019

A selection of images from the BA Media Practice Showcase at the Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts in May 2019.


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