Find out about History at Sussex, based within the School of Media, Arts and Humanities, and search for people who work there.

About History

We have a diverse group of academic staff, who are actively engaged in researching, writing and teaching history.

We have world-class expertise in a broad range of historical periods and subjects, but we are primarily interested in British, European and Global History over the last four centuries.

Our teaching extends across a broad range of subjects and geographical areas, but is directly tied to our research. The hands-on use of documentary materials such as manuscripts, printed texts, films and digital materials plays an essential role in the way we educate students, and we incorporate the latest research findings into our lectures and seminars. We also have access to state of the art facilities.

We also place an emphasis on a 'critical' attitude to sources – we are particularly keen that students think about the social, intellectual and political contexts in which sources were created, along with their audiences.

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