Centre for German-Jewish studies

Since its establishment in 1994, the Centre has developed into a major institution for the study of the history, culture and thought of Jews in Central Europe and for the training of a new generation of teachers and researchers in this field.

Based within a dynamic modern university committed to interdisciplinary studies, the Centre contributes distinctively to historical, philosophical and literary scholarship and education. Financial support from a wide range of educational trusts, individual donors and a London-based Support Group greatly enhance its work. The primary aim of the Centre's teaching and research activities is the re-evaluation of how the history of Jews in German-speaking lands is studied. The Centre attracts international scholars who actively contribute to scholarship in German-Jewish studies through teaching and research, focusing on political, social, literary and intellectual German-Jewish history.

Given the location of the Centre, another key objective is to research the history of Jewish refugees and their families to the United Kingdom during and after the Second World War. The Centre also focuses on projects related to the history of antisemitism, the Holocaust and its effects on post-war history until today. The Centre's archival collection, located in the University of Sussex Library, is being developed in accordance with these main themes. There is a particular interest in materials documenting the histories of German-Jewish families since the Enlightenment, including diaries, letters, oral testimony, survival narratives and other biographical sources recording the history of refugees.

The Edward Timms Award

The Weidenfeld Institute of Jewish Studies is delighted to announce The Edward Timms Award. Fascinated by the complex and painful history of Jews in Europe, Edward Timms founded the Centre for German-Jewish Studies at the University of Sussex in 1994. To celebrate Prof. Timms work and lifetime achievements, we would like to offer an award of up to £500 open to all members of the school of Media Arts and the Humanities who wish to organise an event (lecture, workshop etc) or podcast related to the broad remit of the Weidenfeld Institute of Jewish Studies.

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