Fellowship programme

We were delighted to launch the Visiting Fellowship programme at the Sussex Weidenfeld Institute of Jewish Studies in 2019, with the first Visiting Fellows funded by the Austrian Government coming to us in the autumn semester.

The Visiting Fellowship Programme for scholars at various stages of their careers to join our team at Sussex for a period of up-to three months. Fellows are invited to help address focus themes at the Institute each year. Themes will fit under wider aims, which include: relating the history of antisemitism and all forms of racism to the wider context of humanistic, democratic, and liberal values in modern society; studying Jewish history, culture and the place of Jews in society; and, analysing public discourse on social issues and minorities to define new models for coexistence and acceptance in the Middle East and the wider world. They will be drawn from a wide range of disciplines and research themes will include diverse standpoints, from historical and cultural to social and political. Applications will be sought from leading thinkers at prestigious institutions around the globe.

To achieve this multidisciplinary scope, the Institute will collaborate with relevant research centres across the University, such as the Middle East and North Africa Centre at Sussex, the Sussex Centre of Resistance Studies and the Sussex Centre for Migration Research, where fellows may be based for their time at Sussex to facilitate cross-disciplinary collaboration. 

Success will be measured through the quality and volume of research outputs and attainment of external funding for the Institute’s activities, as well as the dissemination of research findings in peer-reviewed publications and at national and international conferences and public events. It will be expected that Fellows, will be a part of research as well as engage in our events and outreach programme, including our Holocaust Memorial Day, and cultural programming with the BNJC in Hove and JW3 Jewish community centres, as well as other established partners such as the German Embassy, Austrian Cultural Forum and our own campus arts and cultural venue, the Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts.