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The Sussex Weidenfeld Institute of Jewish Studies and the DAAD Chair for European and Jewish History and Culture at the University of Sussex strongly condemn Russia´s invasion of the Ukraine. Waging war and acts of violence are totally unacceptable as a means of policy in the 21st century. Putin´s war against the Ukraine is a criminal enterprise that aims not only at destroying democracy in independent Ukraine, but also endangers the wider democratic infrastructure of Europe.

As institutions engaging in teaching and studying Jewish History and the Holocaust we strongly condemn the way President Putin instrumentalizes history in a belligerent way and justifies his criminal enterprise as a way to “denazify” the Ukraine or to save Eastern Ukrainians from alleged “genocide”. Both of those claims are blatant distortions of the situation in the Ukraine. They not only degrade the Ukrainian people, but also downplay the suffering of Jews in the Holocaust. We reject this unjustified instrumentalization of history as a weapon of war and encourage critical reasoning instead. We would like to express our solidarity with colleagues and courageous voices in Ukraine and those that are attempting to be heard in Russia.

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