The Sussex Weidenfeld Institute of Jewish Studies

Manfred Goldberg speaking in the lecture theatre at Holocaust Memorial Day at Sussex 2023Holocaust Survivor, Manfred Goldberg BEM speaking at the University of Sussex's Holocaust Memorial Day 2023 event

Welcome to The Sussex Weidenfeld Institute

The Sussex Weidenfeld Institute of Jewish Studies, launched in 2019, is an interdisciplinary research hub that places the Jewish experience in a broader context. Aimed to act as an agent of change, our work is focused on the present and making past experiences relevant in a world increasingly divided by disinformation and prejudice.

The Institute is home to the Centre for German-Jewish Studies, which for over two decades has been at the forefront of academic enquiry into the history, culture and thought of Jewish refugees from German-speaking lands. The Institute also works with the Digital Holocaust Memory and Education Projects, and sponsors prestigious Fellowship programmes.

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Statement on Israel

The Sussex Weidenfeld Institute of Jewish Studies views with grave concern the recent developments in Israel. As a University research centre with a focus on all aspects of Jewish Studies, we are committed to intellectual integrity and academic freedom—necessary foundations for any healthy and free society, and to the values of freedom, equality and pluralism, which must exclude any discrimination on the basis of religion, ethnicity, gender, or political views. We believe that the current moves by the Israeli Government undermine the democratic culture of Israel and potentially threaten the pursuit of independent academic inquiry within that country – a pursuit that is central to the mission of universities in the UK, in Israel and in all countries that aspire to be recognised as democratic.

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Prof. Gideon Reuveni - Director of the Weidenfeld Institute