Guide for Applicants for Visiting Research Fellowships/Research Associates

The School of Media, Arts and Humanities welcomes visiting academics, colleagues and partners who enhance the research culture of the School and participate in its collaborative intellectual environment.  

There are two distinct schemes run from the School of Media, Arts and Humanities:  

  • Visiting Research Fellowships
  • Research Associates 


  • Visiting Research Fellowships Scheme

    Period of Visits

    Appointments as a Visiting Fellow can be made for periods of 1 month to 3 years.  All Visiting Research Fellows should be associated either with the School or with one of its interdisciplinary research centres. The purpose of appointing Visiting Research Fellows is to contribute to the intellectual life of the School. 

    Faculty Sponsorship for Visiting Fellows 

    Visiting Research Fellows must be proposed by a member of faculty in the School, with whom you should make initial enquiries in advance of your formal application.  This faculty member will act as your mentor during your visit and will agree with the you in advance what outputs are expected from your Fellowship.  These would normally include one or more of the following:  

    • Giving a seminar to faculty and students and a Guest Lecture within an undergraduate or postgraduate course 
    • Production of a working paper or equivalent 
    • Giving advice to students (e.g. on dissertations, careers) 
    • Production of a collaborative research proposal with a member of faculty 

    Conferred Titles for the Period of the Visit

    The following titles may be conferred:  

    • Visiting Professor (needs Vice Chancellor’s approval) 
    • Visiting Senior Research Fellow 
    • Visiting Research Fellow 
    • Visiting Lecturer 

    In exceptional cases, other titles are also available (e.g. Visiting Reader, Visiting Senior Lecturer, Visiting Research Officer, etc.). 

    Office Space 

    The School Operations Manager will be consulted if office space is requested and we would request as much notice as possible for this.  Please note that shared office space in the School is in very short supply and cannot be guaranteed. 

    Bench Fees 
    Normally, ‘Visiting’ status is offered to members of faculty at another institution, either in the UK or abroad, those working in the public or private sectors, and/or self-employed research consultants. A bench fee of £1,000 per term or £350 per month is applied, to cover costs of administration, access to telephone, computing, library and sporting facilities.  


  • Research Associate Scheme

    The School of Media, Arts and Humanities is committed to collaboration with colleagues and partners from beyond the University of Sussex. With this in mind we also offer a Research Associate arrangement which is separate to our more formal Visiting Research Fellowship scheme.  This status is only suitable for those with clear reasons for maintaining an affiliation with the School and with whom the School wishes to maintain a clearly defined relationship. 

    Faculty Sponsorship for Research Associates

    To be considered for this scheme we ask that you establish in advance an agreed sponsor relationship with a faculty member in the School who will agree to recommend you for the RA scheme, and who will act as your point of contact for the duration of your visit.   Applications for Research Associate status are all considered by the School Research Committee, who will weigh the value of the affiliation to the School as well as to the individual and there is no guarantee of approval.   If approved, Research Associates will be granted a University of Sussex email address and access to the library.  

    Maximum Length of Research Associate Visits

    Appointments will run for one year, but may be renewable by agreement.    

    Bench Fees

    Research Associates who are accepted as visitors will not be charged a bench fee normally.  The scheme is not a way of circumventing the bench fee required by the Visiting Research Fellow Scheme but offers a different kind of relationship with the School.

    Research Associate Status in the School of Media, Arts and Humanities

    Research Associate status should be made clear in communications that might use a Sussex affiliation, and you are not entitled to any staff support services beyond email or library services, and in particular, no services provided by the research office or press office.  The School reserves the right to revoke Research Associate status at any time.