Welcome from the Institute Director

A very warm welcome to the Media, Arts and Humanities Research Institute. The Institute provides a home for the research and practice of faculty and doctoral students in the School, and we are open to all the networks and creative connections that flow from that. It is run collaboratively by a steering group, made up of faculty members and doctoral student representatives drawn from across the School. The aim of the steering group is participatory - to ensure that the Institute responds to the research ecologies and curiosity of the School as they develop over time - and a gathering place, a hub that draws people together from different disciplines and subject areas, in productive and supportive ways. As Director, I chair the steering group, and work with them to take forward the ideas and conversations that the Institute is generating, with colleagues from across the research team and our wider community. I am always delighted to hear from colleagues, doctoral students and faculty members, who would like to contribute to the identity and priorities of our shared research culture in the School.

Professor Mat Dimmock