Publishing and production

We are committed to the collective development and sharing of our research and associated projects in the School of Media, Arts and Humanities.

The School supports several publishing and broadcasting initiatives. Through these we share our own research and offer opportunities to others wishing to work or publish with us.

REFRAME publishes a diverse range of open access, multimedia, research-led content – from responsive forms of research output such as international project blogs, video essays, conference materials and podcasts through to fully peer-reviewed book publications, online journals and digital archives.

  • REFRAME Round-Up Spring 2023

    REFRAME is excited to present the latest developments in REFRAME projects, publications and other open access scholarly items at our digital open access, publishing platform. We have lots of new things to share, including a freely downloadable book - The Memorial Museum in the Digital Age; recommendations reports from the Digital Holocaust Memory project; and new posts at RE.FRAMING ACTIVISM and Mediático

    In addition to the items, at REFRAME you will also find freely downloadable books on film and media studies and digital humanities; more than a dozen videoed talks by top international scholars and media practitioners; and lots of film and media studies research and commentary at our existing websites – see our publications and projects page for full details. Thanks so much to all the colleagues (at Sussex and far beyond) who contribute to REFRAME in order to bring all this material into the public domain.

    If you’d like to know more about REFRAME or have a collaborative, open access research project you’re interested in developing with us, please visit our portal REFRAME site and / or email co-managing Editors Tanya Kant via and Katherine Farrimond via to discuss your projects / find out more about how we can support your research.

We are the home of a number of leading journals and poetry chapbooks based and edited from Sussex, including Textual Practice. We also run podcasting and media training, informed by our best-in-class research in this area.

Discover our platforms and find out more about the research and creative practice they can showcase.