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Often as a queer, or a person interested in queer theory, you can feel a little isolated intellectually and socially. When you move to Brighton you have heard that it is a queer city. But then many people have already settled in their own daily lives and it can be hard to find a social circle. Sex Diss gave me a ready-made group of like-minded people who were interested in going out and having fun as well as studying. I really value that.”Beatrice Chateauvert-Gagnon
former PhD student in International Relations
  • Centre for Transforming Sexuality and Gender

    The Centre for Transforming Sexuality and Gender at the University of Brighton brings together researchers from across the university who are working on themes related to sexuality, gender and social change with a core focus on producing research with community partners that impacts on policy and practice. 

    The Centre engages in cross-disciplinary collaborative research at both a national and international level. They create partnerships with academic institutions, industry and professional bodies; bringing together experts to share specialist knowledge.

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  • Marlborough Productions

    Marlborough Productions is leading UK producer of queer-led, intersectional performance, parties and radical community gatherings

    As a member of Live Art UK the national network of live Art promoters their our programme has a focus on Live Art and Performance Art as opposed to more conventional theatre.

    Professor Kate O'Riordan is a member of their steering group.

    Sex Diss has partnered with Marlborough Productions on a number of initiatives, including most recently The Coast is Queer.

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  • New Writing South

    New Writing South serves writers from across southeast England and are committed to nurturing an inclusive community of writers, regardless of background or previous experience. Bursaries are offered for many of our opportunities. There is participation in the TLC Free Reads scheme, and they run meetup groups for Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) writers, and writers who identify as LGBTQ+.

    Sex Diss has partnered with New Writing South on a number of initiatives, including most recently The Coast is Queer.

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  • The Survivors' Network

    The Survivors' Network is a free service offering practical and emotional support for survivors of sexual abuse, whether the situation is current or historic abuse.

    "Totally independent from the Police and Social Services we work with survivors of all genders providing a safe and confidential space to discuss your feelings around what has happened to you so you feel less confused by the experience and can consider the impact on you physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is survivor-led, meaning we want our clients to feel in control of the process, and to be empowered to make suitable choices for themselvess an intersectional feminist organisation, meaning that we wish to hear from all members of the community and believe everybody's views are important to listen to".

    The Survivors' Network ISVA team is now offering a service for People from communities Who Experience Racism (PWER). This service is run by a person of colour, for people of colour. The PWER ISVA offers information and support to people of all genders aged 18 and up who live in Brighton and Hove or East Sussex, and who have experienced sexual trauma. The sexual trauma can be a current issue or an issue from your past. The role can offer support on a range of issues relating to the offence(s) including accessing counselling and liaising with other agencies, such as Police, Housing, Mental Health and Social Services. The role also offers six sessions of emotional support (after the initial assessment,) which can be beneficial in order to explore feelings and emotional concerns regarding the experience of sexual trauma.

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