The Centre for Sexual Dissidence is what Sussex University is about. It's radical, it's political, and most of all it's critically engaged with the world we live in.” Sharif mowlabocus
Associate Professor in the Department of Communication and Media Studies at Fordham University, New York


The Centre for the Study of Sexual Dissidence, or Sex Diss as it is affectionately known, is a space that brings together researchers and activists in queer and sexuality studies. Recent areas of discussion include: Gaydar; trans photography in Nepal; HIV-related activism and ACT UP; Chinese queer cinema; sexuality and digital culture; and sex worker rights in India. That’s just a taste of the issues covered by our MA course, our academic staff, and our students.

Sex Diss is a hub for research on sexuality and queer studies. We work with staff and students within the University of Sussex and we reach out externally to the local community in Brighton and Hove and an international network of artists, scholars and campaigners.

We offer opportunities for graduate work in queer studies through the MA in Sexual Dissidence. If you are interested in graduate study, please do read more about it and consider applying. 

Even if you are not enrolled on one of our courses there are opportunities to get involved. We hold a reading group and regularly host speakers and performers. These events are open to all.

The Centre is a welcoming and open space. We strive to provide an environment that is comfortable and engaging for everyone that has an interest in queer studies and sexuality. So get in touch and join in.


From the Steering Group

The legacy and ongoing influence of Sex Diss

Directing Sex Diss is a real honour for us. Sex Diss was founded by Alan Sinfield and Jonathan Dollimore, cultural materialist intellectuals who were hugely influential in the development of the field of queer studies in the UK. Their spirit infuses the work that we do today and their thinking creates a firm foundation for recent innovations at Sex Diss. We are thrilled to be part of a research centre with such a fine heritage. We are also delighted with the continuing growth of our research and arts events and collaborations with local and global arts and activist organisations.

Engage with Sex Diss

Sex Diss brings together a close-knit, generous, fun community of faculty and research students and students. Our Sexual Dissidence MA students also benefit in many ways from being attached to a research centre that is developing new research and ideas, and they bring their own experiences and expertise to our research centre. Participation in the Sex Diss community has certainly enriched our academic lives, and we look forward to continually expanding these networks in the coming years.

Sara Jane Bailes, Natalia Cecire, Charlie Jeffries, Sandra Nelson, Rachel O’Connell, Sam Solomon