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Sussex students among scientists to spot 700 million new stars and space objects

21 January 2021

Two Sussex students are among scientists from across the world to have catalogued almost 700 million astronomical objects in the Dark Energy Survey.

Reform public procurement to protect aid money, urges major new anti-corruption study

15 January 2021

The biggest study of its kind has proven the link between local political context and the risk that humanitarian aid money is lost to corruption.

One in five financially-struggling families say a lack of food makes home-learning difficult

12 January 2021

Less advantaged children struggle with noise, lack of space, resources and food when home-learning, shows a new study from the University of Sussex.

The keys to home-schooling: Contact, Content, Creativity and Community

7 January 2021

Psychologists who undertook a study into home learning during the spring 2020 locadown give guidance to schools planning home learning now.

Everyone is a prospect: new rap co-created by Sussex researcher offers climate hope

4 January 2021

A new rap, co-created by Dr Alice Eldridge, offers hope about the climate crisis, reminding that each of us has the opportunity to protect the planet.

The Brexit vote was never about ‘head versus heart’: new study

8 December 2020

UK voters in the EU referendum in 2016 relied on gut instinct to make their decision - rather than either their 'head' or their 'heart'.

Feline friendly? How to build rap-paw with your cat – new psychology study

8 October 2020

Sussex psychologists have found a way to help humans bond with cats through eye-narrowing communication.

Voters still in the dark about December’s election campaign spending – new study

28 September 2020

The first major report into online spending in the 2019 election shows a surge in digital campaigning by parties and ‘outriders’.

Binge-drinkers’ brains have to work harder to feel empathy for others

10 September 2020

New research shows that binge-drinkers’ brains have to put more effort into trying to feel empathy for other people in pain.

Working from home is more effective than keeping kids off school in tackling Covid – new study

20 August 2020

A new study from University of Sussex mathematicians shows that working from home is more effective than keeping kids off school in tackling Covid-19.

People outside early hit cities may be most at risk from second Covid wave

14 August 2020

People outside early hit cities may be particularly vulnerable in a second wave due to the large susceptible populations, shows new Sussex research.

TV-watching snackers beware: you won’t notice you’re full if your attention is elsewhere

12 August 2020

Eating while doing something perceptually demanding makes it more difficult to notice when you feel full - new research from the University of Sussex.

Why nanomaterial quality matters, and the smart new way to check it

12 August 2020

A new way to check the quality of nanomaterials like graphene has emerged from a team at the University of Sussex.

Mathematicians warn of risk of complacency over herd immunity levels needed to halt Covid-19 pandemic

16 July 2020

University of Sussex mathematicians have warned about the risk of complacency over the level of ‘herd immunity’ required to stem the Covid pandemic.

Radical overhaul required of system for asylum claims on grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity

9 July 2020

A four-year study of claimants of asylum on sexual orientation or gender identity grounds calls for a radical overhaul of the system.

£1.5 million for research to help the public respond to mass emergencies

1 July 2020

Professor John Drury and colleagues from other universities have secured funding for two research projects to help societies respond to emergencies.

Mums doing lion’s share of childcare and home-learning during lockdown – even when both parents work

19 June 2020

Childcare responsibilities during lockdown are not being shared equally between working parents, psychologists at the University of Sussex have found.

How is lockdown affecting family life? Study participants needed!

30 March 2020

Sussex psychologists are asking parents of primary school age children to complete an online survey to help them track the impact of the pandemic.

Mainstream feminism is broken, says Sussex expert in new book

26 March 2020

A new book by Alison Phipps, Professor of Gender Studies at the University of Sussex, pulls back the curtain on the #MeToo movement.

£1 million for nanotech: invisibility cloaks, smart tyres and supermarket tags

19 March 2020

Funding for University of Sussex nanotech research could bring invisibility cloaks, smart tyres and retail tags

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